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Smart Meter

posted by CarlyM | A month ago

Hello.  I had my gas and electric smart meter installed 7 weeks ago.  The electric is up and running fine and showing meter reads online, however nothing has happened with the gas.   It is working but doesn't appear to be linked up to my account.  I telephoned the company and they agreed and said it's not on the system yet.  My bills are now showing lower than expected and I haven't a clue how much I should be paying as a rather large credit it now showing.  Anyone else had this issue and how long does it take to reslove ?  Thank you.


Top answer

posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: Smart Meter

@CarlyM   Hi,  the answer is for you to take a manual reading from the gas meter and send it to SP. You will have to press buttons on the gas meter to make it display a reading. 

posted by GARYB | 3 weeks ago
Re: Smart Meter

Hi Had my smart meters fitted back in may, never got commisioned engineer said another team would be out to commision but this never happened. Were now at end of september  still not working,after many phone calls to scottish power to sort out and been told just another couple of weeks and it will be sorted.still not getting anywhere . Ive even raised a complaint & made an appointment for someone to ring me but this also failed & still not had any call?????. What a waste of time  NOT Once has anyone from scottish power called to sort anything out. My son had smart meters fitted by NPower all working on install no issues.... Whats going on scottish power...Loosing faith in what i thought was a good energy supplier been with them for many years, Maybe its time for a change...

posted by Davc | 3 weeks ago
Re: Smart Meter

@GARYB   Yes, very poor and often reported here. Installers who leave the job half done often do not return. The job seems to fall between SP and the installer with neither taking responsibility. Keep complaining. Meanwhile send in meter readings manually or you will get estimated bills. 

posted by ACCREDIT | 2 weeks ago
Re: Smart Meter
Appalling Customer Service - Smart Meter Malfunctions - still awaiting meter to be read ( even offered to pay for someone to come and read meter )- Complaint unresolved since April/ May 2019- Having been promised a Complaint Date & Timed call back this did not happen - wasted my afternoon - Told We were on Priority Meter list -This actually means You are a just on A LIST there is No Priority -Then offered to have a "Special Reading " However as on their Data it shows We have a Smart Meter it is highly doubtful that this will or could happen ! On reading energy supply companies reviews I now understand totally why Scottish Power has one of the lowest ratings on it's Customer Service -

posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: Smart Meter

@ACCREDIT    Yes poor service,  it is unusual for suppliers to be asked to send a meter reader to read a smart meter. The readings will bo on your Display unit as well as on the meters themselves.  Smart meters normally have blank screens until you wake them up by pressing buttons, maybe this is the problem? If you have a disability maybe a frend or relative could read them for you?   Hopefully SP will eventually send someone or give you advice. Good Luck.

posted by Andy1303 | 6 days ago
Re: Smart Meter
Same thing happened to us 7 months ago with British Gas. Smart meter stopped working and were given a date for a swap over. They contacted us to cancel the appointment and said they'd be in touch with a new date. Never happened and every month we got an estimated reading. I was away on business for 5 months and when I came back, I took actual readings. BG were way out in their estimation and the annual renewal was up. I contacted USwitch and decided to come back to Scottish Power.
I was expecting BG to take actual readings and pass them onto SP but we all know what thought did! Just phoned SP and they said I should have taken meter readings end of September and they would have passed them onto BG who would then send me an upto date bill. It was never explained to me how it all works when you have a switch over apart from the new supplier contacting the old supplier and I don't have to do anything!

posted by Davc | 6 days ago
Re: Smart Meter

@Andy1303   Yes they should make it clear the new supplier drives the switch and you need to give the new suppplier opening readings. If I was changing I would be make sure to take changeover readings as without them a lot of disputes can happen.   Interesting to hear that BG are no different to SP when it comes to things going wrong.