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Smart Meters

posted by lewisandsaz | 3 years ago

can someone tell me whan  the smart meters are coming to great yarmout / norfolk  please 

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posted by Stuby | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meters

Personally, I wouldn't rush to get a Smart Meter. Had mine installed May 2017. Meter for electricity seems to be supplying information OK. However, the gas meter still is not providing a reading. Still getting 'estimated' bills. Spoken to Amey (the installers) and Scottish Power, no action/ improvement at all. When I check the device that is supposed to give information regarding usage, obviously not totally accurate as not providing gas information. Having to power it off/ on at regular intervals to get it working (in a fashion). Overall, very disappointing. Finally, would be very careful as I believe at present if you want to change supplier, the fact you have Smart Meters would mean the current meters would have to be replaced.