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posted by mandymc | 11 months ago
Re: Smart meter issue
I have been in contact with sp regarding my smart meter not being connected to my gas yet and just the electric since June 2018 and it still has taken over 6 month for them to stop taking estimated readings for the electric for all the smart meter was installed. I have been in constant contact with them to get this sorted and asked for a complaint to be logged and I am still getting replies saying this is still being investigated. They also advised me at one point to go to the national power grid to get a fitting on my gas connection as that was why they couldn’t connect it and when I spoke to a lady from there she said if I requested this I would be charged and it should be them that have this arranged and pay for it. I went back to SP and explained this and again they said they would look into it and still no reply regarding this either. This has been ongoing since June 2018 and my contract is up in June 2019 and I dedidnirlwy will be moving supplier and passing this onto the ombudsman.

posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: Smart meter issue

Hi Mandy, not sure I understand the gas connection issue, the electric estimates are easily solved, just send in a reading, maybe same for gas as well. 

posted by Glenmornan | 11 months ago
Re: Smart meter issue

Hi folks,


For what it's worth our smart meter has settled down. Our usage is now back to what it was before the tweak, and we're now considering just unplugging the display unit to free up a socket in the kitchen. We cannot go on a cheaper electricity tariff, as we don't  use enough, and currently pay less than their cheapest option.

We also cannot go on a cheaper gas tariff as it isn't possible for British Gas to install  a smart gas meter fitted at present, so we now just use it and pay for it without worrying how many pence we'd save in 25 years. 

At our age we couldn't care less how cool it is to be smart.  The postcode of the building where we live isn't on GPS, and no utility provider has our correct address. They do have our correct bank account though, and we've decided just to leave it at that. The only way they can identify us correctly is by our meter numbers. We live in a building constructed in 1894 which comprises 20 dwellings,  when computerisation of addresses was never a consideration.  Last two occasions we tried to swap provider the switches failed due to our location, so we now get our electricity from the "electricity board" and our gas from the "gas board", for those who are old enough to understand what that means. We can't save hundreds of pounds a year by swtching, as we don't use enough of either fuel.  

So, unless they start selling cheap electricity and gas on eBay we just aren't interested any more. 



posted by mandymc | 10 months ago
Re: Smart meter issue
Hi davc,
The point of a smart meter is the readings to go direct and as for the gas, it has not been connected because a fitting was needed to connect it up and since June 2018 I have queried this and at one point was advised to contact the national power grid to sort out getting the connection myself and when I spoke to NPG they advised I should take it back to SP as I would be charged if I made the arrangements and it should be SP doing this. I passed this info onto SP who said they would sort this out and surprise surprise I am still waiting after numerous conversations with SP. All the conversations were through the chat and I have now forwarded them to the ombudsman to deal with. Very poor customer service

posted by Davc | 10 months ago
Re: Smart meter issue

Hello again Mandy. It sounds as if your electric meter is not transmitting, so go to the meter, write down the number it shows and send it in to SP. You will get a correct, not estimated, bill. I totally agree that SP should do the work on your gas meter.

posted by GregG | 10 months ago
Re: Smart meter issue

I have had a smart medter fitted to cover the Gas and Electricity, I am a bit concerned that the Electricity cost reading is running at about £400 to £500 a Month, not bad for two people at work all day.  I think my rate is 10 times what it should be

posted by Davc | 10 months ago
Re: Smart meter issue
Hi Greg you are not the first to report 10X rates on the IHD display. Don’t worry it is not your bill. The IHDs have gone wrong and SP are working on a fix.

posted by AndySwain | 6 months ago
Re: Smart meter issue
"SP working on a fix..." Hah Hah Hah!....

I've been told that by SP soooo many times over the last 16 months. Our Smart Meter was badly installed, so a few months later we had an estimated bill. We complained. They managed to "reset the reading period" which then at least meant readings were being registered automatically, but only whenever they wanted to bill us! We asked them to fix the IHD, to give us the features promised on the adverts. We've been told soooo many stories as to why it's not working, when it might be fixed, and that the website or App gives us the detailed usage information we were promised when we signed up. The website consumption page has changed a number of times, as they' "working to fix the problem", but it's still deficient and won't give "Smart Consumption". Presumably tis is because it only gets a reading at billing time.
I'm not holding my breath, and now have the IHD switched off most of the time, to SAVE energy, which was the excuse for the Smart Meter rollout.