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Smart meter location issue

posted by BlackDragon | 3 weeks ago

Hi Folks


Just a quick one My Electric meter is in a basement below ground level and Gas meter in a Plastic box outside on wall approx 5 feet distance wise from electric meter.


What impact will this have with signal and comunication to the IHD and communicating signal wise for meter readings.


Yes i know about SMETZ2 so no provebial rashtag about how wonderful this is question is merely regarding signal issue with electric meter loacation.


posted by Davc | 3 weeks ago
Re: Smart meter location issue

@BlackDragon   The electric meter does all the communication.  It needs a mobile phone signal to SP and it needs to be within about 5 metres from your display unit and the gas meter. It might be your property is simply unsuitable for a smart meter.   The installers will test the signals but if you have not decided yet, do not bother. 


posted by Sylmac | 3 weeks ago
Re: Smart meter location issue
I am trying to put my last meter reading in so I will try again with you . My electric is 01536 and my gas is 00796.hope this is ok. Thank you sylvia mcivor at 108 Hillcrest brynna CF729SN

posted by whiteowl | 3 weeks ago
Re: Smart meter location issue

@Sylmac  Sorry but you must phone SP or email contactus@scottishpower.com to tell them your readings .We customers on thisforum can't do any thing with your account.