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posted by salemoorsusie | A month ago
Re: Smart meter readings
I'm afraid I've done all that. Sent photos to SP at their request and meter readings. Received a reply saying they are showing to lots of meters registered to my address! Sent all this evidence to the ombudsman and SP had until the 20th August (yesterday) to respond to my complaint and upload their own evidence, but they haven't offered any reply or explanation to the ombudsman either, so I don't know where I'll go from here or what the ombudsman will do to resolve this😟

posted by DavC1 | A month ago
Re: Smart meter readings

@salemoorsusie   If they have two meters on their system it all seems painfully obvious that they need to deregister the traditional meters and activate the smart meters.  Come on Scottish Power what are you doing ?

posted by Faz | A month ago
Re: Smart meter readings

I called after saying that unless they sort it out i will refuse to pay any excess, they sent to to complaints WHO told me "oh its been fixed and there is a reading go check on the website". it turned out they put in a random reading themselves claiming that i gave them the reading. as far as i can see this is fraud and not the only time



ive seen them do stuff like this at another property they created an account under "mr vacant vacant" while the property was empty then changed it to "pay as you go" with no letters or payas you go card. What i found out this means is since you cannot validate yourself under this fake account you cannot top up the pay as you go MEANING no electricity or gas


this company should be investigated