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posted by martinianpaul | A year ago
Re: Smart meter readings

The entire Smart meter rollout has been and continues to be, a fiasco.  More than three years after having a smart electric meter installed, I'm STILL waiting for a smart gas meter.  No qualified engineers, apparently...

posted by t666sja | A year ago
Re: Smart meter readings
Same here & they are EXTREMELY reluctant to help! Customer service has been non existent! They are VERY keen to get their estimated bills paid though. The fact that I’ve turned off my gas & electric and given them Final readings in order to leave, hasn’t stopped them!
Completely USELESS!!

posted by janegm | A year ago
Re: Smart meter readings
I thought that now I have a smart meter readings would go straight to Scottish |Power. Why are you asking me to submit readings?

posted by Artificer | A year ago
Re: Smart meter readings

@jangem: The answer is in FAQ - they need to check its working correctly. Give the readings anyway and like me you'll probably find they already have them "provided by smart meter". A lost cause.

posted by salemoorsusie | 3 months ago
Re: Smart meter readings
Seems that I'm not the only one whose smart meter fails to record meter readings! What was the reason for getting a smart meter again? Oh yes so we don't have to manually send our meter readings in. Easy to do you may say, but no, not if your online account hasn't been updated by Scottish Power showing you that you now have smart meters installed! I had my electric and gas smart meters installed on the 18th January 2021, six months ago, and have been sent estimated bills because, guess what? That's right the smartmeters don't work and weren't set up correctly by installation engineers! So, read the meters yourself, you might say, problem solved? Tried to do this but they still have me down as still having the old gas and meters, and not only that but my estimated bills still have me down as being on Economy 7 (even though the old meter and previous energy suppliers had allowed me to be on a standard single tariff without having to change the meter), so can't submit readings online or by phone, I raised an official complaint about this months ago, still no joy. Phoned the customer service department today to try and get them to enter my meter readings for both smart meters to prevent yet another estimated bill. I was told the call handler dealing with my complaint would ring me back. Yes, you guessed it, no call. How long do you have to wait until an officially raised complaint is resolved satisfactorily? I am now having solar panels installed on my roof and a record of the amount of electricity this will generate is supposed to be recorded on my electricity smart meter. What chance of that if I can't even get a proper bill for the electricity imported from Scottish Power? Is there anybody out there from Scottish Power who can help me? I'm starting to lose the will to live here!

posted by DavC1 | 3 months ago
Re: Smart meter readings

@salemoorsusie   That is simply terrible administration, unfortunately not uncommon for SP.  How bad can it get?  Keep complaining until they get their act together. 

posted by LucyLou10 | A month ago
Re: Smart meter readings

@Stevenjamie57 wrote:

Hi all,  am I right in thinking that smart meters are supposed to send meter readings to Scottish power automatically?

I was led to believe that my meter readings would be uploaded to them daily.

We have not had a bill since November so obvioulsy this gives me cause to worry.

I have now uploaded readings via my phone on the phone version of the Scottish Power application. 


posted by DavC1 | A month ago
Re: Smart meter readings

@Stevenjamie57      Smart meters are supposed to send readings automatically, that is their main purpose. Sometimes the system fails and then you have to send manual readings.   Tell SP customer service that you think the system is not working at your property and they will try to fix the problem. 

posted by salemoorsusie | A month ago
Re: Smart meter readings
Oh if only it were that easy! In my case SP haven't updated my online account showing I have a smart meter, and still show details of old meters. Until that is rectified can't submit meter readings online, by phone, or via customer services. Now in the hands of the Ombudsman, as this has gone on for over 6 months now without any progress.

posted by DavC1 | A month ago
Re: Smart meter readings

@salemoorsusie   Reading back to your earlier post things have not got any better. How can the meters have been changed and SP don't know about it?   You need to photograph the new meters and make a note of their serial numbers and send all that to

contactus@scottishpower.com.    with a copy to the Ombudsman  

Something has gone very wrong because the installer's message never got through to SP administration.  I can't believe they have not paid any attention to this obvious mistake.