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Smart meter - registered interest nearly a year ago but nothing

posted by AndyInNotts | A year ago

I registered interest for a Smart Meter soon after I joined SP in early 2017. I have never been contacted about getting it installed - I have registered on the website several times but it just says I have already registered my interest.

How do I progress this - I live in a large city (Nottingham) and can not believe there has been no-one in the area who can install a smart meter in the last 12 months!!!


posted by fuzzy | A year ago
Re: Smart meter - registered interest nearly a year ago but nothing
I also registered a long time ago. Installer called and after a lot of looking and thinking, told me a surveyor would have to call. Since then NOTHING!!!!

posted by GeriatricGeek | A year ago
Re: Smart meter - registered interest nearly a year ago but nothing

Registered over a year ago - so far two appointments made, first one failed to show, second one arrived on time spent 30 seconds checking for radio contact then left.   Apparently we have no WAN coverage in our area.  Friends smart meter 50m away works perfectly.   Who's fooling who?

posted by GK-Smart | A year ago
Re: Smart meter - registered interest nearly a year ago but nothing

Like, I am sure we have all been waiting in anticipation for the installation of our Smart Meter, well the day arrived for me, today – 2 Jan 2018. However, it wasn’t to be. The engineer from Lowi Beck turned up  an hour late, than the scheduled time slot, and then advised he had no Smart Meters to install, as he’d run out – Mmm I thought how is he going to proceed.... ?? He mentioned that he was waiting for his supervisor/boss to turn-up who allegedly had a Smart meter available – so another 15min or so passed and a knock at the door to say that he had a Smart meter – yippee we can finally proceed.

Although, my best lay plans had been dashed once again. The engineer viewed both the electrical meter (located in the house) and the gas meter, located outside of the house, and to my dismay, he said that he couldn’t proceed with the installation.... So, of course I asked why? He said that the electrical earth cable coming from the house was connected to the gas inlet pipe (from the gas meter going into the house) this would need to be disconnected, and reconnected. I thought, as they are going to remove the pipe work anyway, its merely a case of disconnecting the electrical earth cable and reconnecting to the new inlet pipe work, relatively easy job. But no, the engineer said it would have to be disconnected by a qualified electrician, before he could remove the gas pipe, I said I could do this whilst he disconnects the electrical meter in the house.

However, it wasn’t to be, he’d already registered that he could no longer proceed with the installation, and I’d need to reschedule a new appointment. Thanks very much for wasted day off work, which I could ill afford.

The moral of this story, don’t just believe the YouTube video that Scottish Power provide advising on the preparation for the installation of the Smart meter, contact them, and also speak to their installation company to double check anything that could cause the installation not to proceed.

In any case, I’m aware that the Smart meter to be used (which is classed as SMETS I) is not compatible with other energy providers, so if you were to leave Scottish Power, the meter is unlikely to work with another provider. I believe some Suppliers, like British Gas are rolling out SMETS II meters which are compatible with other provider – Scottish Power are yet to advise on this.

So, maybe for me it has been a luck escape to not have old tech installed, which would become null and void if used with another energy  provider....