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Smart meter rollout info for my area

posted by Loobz | 9 months ago
When smart meters were first mentioned by SP I registered an interest. When SP announced they were starting to instal, I had to register again. Whenever I try to see if I can have a smart meter it just says that they aren't being rolled out in my area.

Having registered back when these meters were only an 'idea', why don't I have one yet? And why can't SP tell me 'when' I will?

Seems SP don't even have the decency to give even basic info to loyal customers, let alone make them a priority.

posted by Davc | 9 months ago
Re: Smart meter rollout info for my area
That is interesting I thought SP had a national approach but they seem to have some regions where they have not set up installers for smart meters yet.

posted by Loobz | 9 months ago
Re: Smart meter rollout info for my area
Exactly. My frustration is two-fold.

1) I registered immediately smart meters were initially mentioned.
2) I can't get info.

I have been with SP for many, many years, payments always made, always in credit to the point that they owe me, yet they can't pay me the courtesy of making information available?

posted by wkings | 2 months ago
Re: Smart meter rollout info for my area

Like many of you I am frustrated at the lack of information or even a time frame for a smart meter installation.....I fear I will be switching again in December if this drags on much longer. Ironically there was a smart meter van outside my house the other day but the guy had no plans to visit mine or any other property in the neighbourhood. WK, Pinner