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Smart meter usage calculation

posted by Hilary | 3 years ago

I've just had a smart meter installed. Is the monthly usage information calculated from the first day of the month, from the date the meter was fitted or an exact calendar month previous to today?


posted by  Eilidh | 3 years ago
Re: Smart meter usage calculation
Hi @Hilary, I've detailed below how a day, week, month and year time periods are calculated below:

• A day runs from midnight to midnight
• A week runs from midnight Sunday to midnight on the following Sunday
• A month starts at 12am on the first day of each month to midnight on the last day
• A year runs from 12am on the 1st January to 12am on the following 1st January

As your meters were fitted on the 20th December, your month calculation for December will start from them until midnight on the 31st December. The January calculation would have begun at 12am on the 1st and will end at midnight on the 31st.

posted by Sian_J57 | A month ago
Re: Smart meter usage calculation

how do you calculate monthly usage when the meter is read quarterly


posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: Smart meter usage calculation

@Sian_J57   The best way to keep track is to read the meter yourself each month and keep records.  If you are computer happy then an Excel spreadsheet is the best.