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Smart meters and health risks

posted by Davc | 10 months ago
American systems are discussed on the internet concerning radio safety. Whatever the factual evidence we do not use that system in Britain. Our meters use ordinary mobile phone texts to send meter readings. 5G is definitely not involved.

Generally hazards increase with the frequency of the waves, the length of exposure, and the power of the transmission. For smart meters there is only a brief pulse of low power transmission. The frequency of mobile phone signals is regarded as safe.
In the spectrum, frequency increases in the order; radio, microwave, visible light, XRay, and gamma ray. So radio is at the ‘safe’ end especially if the power is low. Mobile phone signals are everywhere and might only cause a problem directly next to a local transmitting mast. Even there studies have failed to show harm.
Smart meters also give out a very low powered radio signal to the home Display unit but this has a much lower power than the mobile phone signal.

So smart meters are no more threat to your health than from your mobile phone or home WiFi which have been lived with for many years without problem.