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Smart power green electric vehicle

posted by brianmccuk | 6 months ago
SP cant seem to bill me on this tarriff for electricity. Is anyone having the same issues? When looking on the app im still getting charged 15p a kw for between 12am and 5am. I thought i had a smart meter but SP are now telling me that I need another bit fitted to it as its not sending all the readings? Never heard of this before. Especially as the app is clearly showing half hour readings. I thought changing tarriffs would of been easy but seems a total mess on there systems. At this moment in time ive no idea what im getting charged for electricity and i dont think they do either.

posted by cockingg | 5 months ago
Re: Smart power green electric vehicle

I had my Scottish power EV Wallbox fitted in February and switched to the EV tariff. I am still waiting for my first EV Electricity bill despite chasing it up many times. I am also supposedly on half hourly readings and only ever charge my EV between 24.00 and 05.00. I have no confidence that my first EV bill will be correct.

posted by fikel | 4 months ago
Re: Smart power green electric vehicle

I am looking for an ev tariff from them. Looks like SP can not meet this in any timely manner.  Time to look to change supplier.