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Solar panels

posted by Tressy | 2 years ago
I’ve recently had solar panels fitted but my direct debit has increased?

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Solar panels

Could be many reasons, there would be a time delay before you see the benefit, and of course you should have your feed in tariff registered with SP and maybe you have to put in manual FIT readings. 


posted by cotswold-FIT | 5 months ago
Re: Solar panels

In April & May 2020 there was an unusually high amount of sunshine - record amounts!  My quarterly solar Feed-In reading is therefore unusually high. 

The SP system, which has been fine for the past several years, will NOT accept the reading as it 'outside expected range'. 

How do I get the system to accept the meter reading?  I have tried 'chat' (utter waste of time) and emails to 'support' are like banging one's sore head against the proverbial brick wall . . come on SP, this really is not hard to solve.