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posted by D2311 | A year ago
omg im about to have a heart attack i just moved into the property on 5th of feb i have a bil from 5th feb til 26th of feb for 372 pounds how can this be correct????

i called them 2x to give my meter readings do u think its because of that someone please help me this is my first time living alone i dont know anything how cam it be so high i work im never home!!!


posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Someone HELP ME PLEASEE!!!
Your meter reading when you moved in was estimated. Did you notice what the real meter reading was on 5th Feb? It looks as though you may be paying for the previous occupants usage. I would talk it over with the SP helpline, you could not have used that much electricity in 21 days.

posted by Hankinson | 11 months ago
Re: Someone HELP ME PLEASEE!!!
Have not been a customer since 2017 still they have taken money out of my account also keep changing my details from my supplier back to them self’s email my new direct debit amount spoken to them 7 times still awaiting a response??

posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: Someone HELP ME PLEASEE!!!

Hello Hankinson, Does your new supplier bill you?  If not, you never actually left SP for some reason and you still have to manage your SP account.

posted by Georgie | 6 months ago
Re: Someone HELP ME PLEASEE!!!
I had a smart meter with extra energy. They went bust. Scottish power took over. I was £400.00 in credit. So no DD for a few months. In a very small cottage don't put heating on much at all. My bill is saying I owe £900 plus even though myDD was £99.00 per month now been put up to £188.00per month! On my screen it doesn't match up what it says on metre. I need some one to come out and check my metre please!

posted by Jonnel | 6 months ago
Re: Someone HELP ME PLEASEE!!!

@GeorgieHow often have you been giving SP meter readings? If you haven't given them any for a while they'll be billing you and upping your DD based on estimated readings - the bills will say so - and their estimates are usually wildly inaccurate. They like people to be in credit, you see.

If that's the case you should give them up to date readings and that should correct your balance. You can then ask for a refund of anything over-charged.

If your bills DON'T say they're estimated, you need to call SP and get them down to your place, rip out that smart meter.. They don't look at this forum unless someone is rude or swears so unless you ring them they won't know.

posted by Kathbeal | 6 months ago
Re: Someone HELP ME PLEASEE!!!

I'm on pension credit, do i qualify for warm home front grant. 

posted by fuckscottishpow | 6 months ago
Re: Someone HELP ME PLEASEE!!!

posted by Davc | 6 months ago
Re: Someone HELP ME PLEASEE!!!

@Kathbeal   You can apply for Warm Home on this link: