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Strange billing dates

posted by Frustrated88 | 4 months ago
Can anyone please explain this...?
I'm on a fixed price contract, paying quarterly by cash, ie. I get bills every 3 months.
I had a bill in May which I paid in full. Am confused why I then received another one in June (no tariff changes). Plus my account says next bill date Jan 2020?!
No point trying to get any sense out of the call centre, so am hoping the kind folks here might have an idea. TIA.
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posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: Strange billing dates

You would normally get a bill every time a meter reading is sent in, maybe your smart meter kicked off a new bill? but normally smart meter readings do not generate bills because they would come every day. So it is just a quirk of the SP system and best ignored, If you want a bill before Jan2020 you only have to send in a manual meter reading.