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posted by Paddy00 | A week ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill

still no call back, 

and now when i call them, and put in my account number and press 3 to talk to an advisor, it just cuts me off hahaha.

posted by DavC1 | A week ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill
Paddy, this is a saga now, what you are experiencing is often reported here, no calls back, and poor attention from customer reps.
Personally I think your new meter is unlikely to be overcharging you, keep a record of the meter readings and check on your bill that they have used the right values. Your bill will also tell you what tariff you are on with the unit costs of gas and electricity.

posted by Paddy00 | 7 days ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill

Hi Again DavC1

Thats them just off the phone actually! Smiley Happy

I have more info, we are both kind of right in places, but i will put the info here incase anybody else finds this.

My unit price HAS been doubled, as my fixed price contract had expired in Dec, although the new price was only in effect from 5th Jan, from 15p per unit to 29per unit.. Smiley Sad so i will be looking for another supplier..

the IOS app, seems to be using the increased price, from the moment the smart meter went in,  even though my meter and account was actually being billed on the old price, so this explains some confusion,

however i still have one thing they are investigating. on my old meter i was using on average 8 units per day over a 6 month period and i have pictures to prove this, since the smart meter went in, im apparently using 25 units per day, with no change to my usage, my old meter wasnt the old fashioned dial, it was a digital display, so i guess i wait and see what they come back with, and on the 5th Jan i was out all day and turned off everything besides my fridge and somehow used 9 Units haha, im just praying this meter is a dud. haha

The increase from 8 to 25 units then the added bonus of them doubling my unit rate.. it just too much! hahaha.





posted by Shaikh1985 | 7 days ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill
Hi 16 Burma Avenue and I am new customer but Scottish Power send me super high energy bill and I was complete in form to Scottish Power and Scottish Power add previous bill because my previous supplier in prepaid meter so ho the add that bill no understanding

posted by Paddy00 | 6 days ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill

todays update, i did get a call back,

so on my old meter,  i have meter readings and photos from 1/11/2020 until  05/04/21 (155 days) using 1240KWH roughtly 8 units per day, 

the smart meter went in and im just 25KWH per day, 

they are just saying "guess the old meter was slow" which i refuse to believe as i even when i unplugged everything besides my fridge and was out all day, i apparently used 9KWH.. lol!!!


posted by Paddy00 | 6 days ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill

and they have blocked me from using their app to monitor my usage, as i keep picking holes in their arguments.

they reckon my usage is correct, and im just using 25 per day.. but when i told them, on the 5th Jan, i was out all day, and unplugged literally everything besides my fridge, and still used more than i used to on my old meter, thank god i have so many pictures to prove how much i was using before. 

what a mistakes getting a smart meter was hahaha.

posted by DavC1 | 6 days ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill

@Paddy00   Hi again Paddy, a disappointing answer from SP. By the way I hope you do not have solar panels, some installers put in smart meters so that the solar panel outputs are measured as purchased power from SP, in those cases the meters read way too high, and even show readings when everything is off, sounds familiar doesn't it?  Dave.

posted by Paddy00 | 5 days ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill
Hi Dave.
Thanks for keeping this convo going it really is helping me understand whats going on, i dont have solar panels, i do want them, so ill keep this in mind. Ha
Ive raised a complaint, and they are investigating, but ive told them i what to take this to the onbudsman, im trying get an old meter put back in! But they are just dismissing my proof and saying 1000kwh pm seems like my usage 😂

i was using 8 units per day or 240 per month on my old meter over 6 months.
Then they changed me to a smart meter, since then apparently im using 25-35kwh per day or upto aprox 1000kwh per month, im seeing lots of people complaining about this issue.

I havent changed my usage at all,
7th april
Old Meter, old price: 8 units = £1.20 per day
Old meter, new price: 8 units = £2.08 per day.

9th april (onwards)
New meter, old price: 30 units = £4.50 per day
New meter, new price: 30 units = £7.80 per day..

I dont leave lights on, i did NOT put any xmas lights up, i turn my tv off at the wall when i goto bed, i use my washing machine like twice a week as its just me, i dont drink tea of coffee so the kettle is only used when i have people over,
Now i do have a few alexas and smart devices so ive unplugged all them for now,
And im just going to keep checking my meter to see if i can workout whats going on!

Keeping an open mind, I do think something in my house is confusing the smart meter, but i am not using £8 a day just on electric!! Ha


posted by Juelm | 5 days ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill
6 months ago I was with British Gas paying £20 a week for both my gas and electric on pay as you go .
So one day shopping at Morrisons Scottish Power persuade me to join them , After some chat on the phone they put me on a monthly fixed rate, so I continued to pay £20 a week on the Scottish pier app , yet December 2021 they say I used £125 just in Gas in 3 week , in the past I would pay £30 on gas in three weeks , I also put gas on eco power , only put heating on rarely for short times , turn lights off , I still have to pay , I complained so I am doing a daily reading of my gas usage which is called a burns test to see if I can get some money back . , I am going over to monthly direct debit now , let’s see how this works out

posted by Paddy00 | 5 days ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill
Haha they are awful..
they are now saying as my usage has dropped this week from 25 to 15 units per day, so they dont think there is an issue with my meter, yet im sitting in the cold and dark 😂 with only my fridge and wifi plugged in.. and im using 15 units, when i used to leave everything plugged in on standby and used 8 per day with my old meter 😂

Im so close to just heading into a scottish power office and start taking stuff see how they like it 😂😂