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posted by Paddy00 | 3 days ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill
just for info and maybe context..

right now, i have on..
my boiler on set to 18,
my laptop and 2 x 24" monitors,
my dishwasher doing an Eco wash.
the Fridge \ freezer
the Wifi
my IHD
1 alexa.
a 47" TV on standby
PS4 on standby..

and im pulling 196w on my IHD and my actual meter isnt going up,

i turned my lights on.. and it went to 1.04KWH this explains why my usage it through the roof, and this only started happening once my smart meter was fit! Smiley Happy

posted by Martin77 | 3 days ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill
Having problems getting correct meter reading very high started at 2000 now at 4200 only in house 45 hours per week only electricity and not even a month

posted by Paddy00 | 3 days ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill

Hi @Martin77

this sounds like my drama.
my smart meter went in, and my first reading was 1881, then 2100, then 2000..
it's possible that, you had an estimated bill and you are having to catch up. They have recently increased unit prices too, so some increase is expected,

you have to check your actual bill, that has number of units used, and cost of each unit.

I'm lucky, I know I was using 8 units a day, every day over a 6 month period, then my smart meter went in, and I'm apparently using 25-35 per day, and literally never under 20 per day on the new meter, 

I've been investigating and I've worked out its my lightbulbs, I've turned all my lights off at the fuse box, (a little annoying having no lights, but its more annoying spending £300 pm on utilities) with my lights off, the last 3 days I've used around 3kwh per day, this is going to bring my bill down x10 if i can keep this up!

I suggest you, query your opening balance, take a picture of your smart meter every day and monitor your usage, I've attached the very basic excel document ive been using, just input your smart meter readings each day around the same time, if its increasing by alot each day, you will want to review whats using all that power.  i tired to attach it, but it wont let me, so heres a picture of it instead, you can just recreate it Smiley Happy


now i know for a fact i dont use 25+ KWH per day, but i dont know about anybody else, the in home device is garbage, and the app is even worse, all you can trust is the actually numbers on your bill, which should be the same as the numbers on your meter,

let me know if you need more info while this is fresh Smiley Happy


posted by Dmitrii | 3 days ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill


Recently I got my first bill and it says I used 1277 kWh of electicity (no gas) for the 51 days since I moved in. Although bill numbers match the meter readings, this still sounds ridiculous for a 1 person / 1 bedroom apartment.

I don't even have TV or dishwasher. I do have 2 electric heaters but they have embedded meters and show 400 kWh for the whole period together. I can't belive there is something in my flat using twice more power than heaters.

There is definetly something wrong with these smart meters.

posted by Paddy00 | 3 days ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill
Literally everybody is using 25kwh per day..
1277/51 days = 25 kwh 😂

posted by Paddy00 | 3 days ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill
My halogen (g9 25w) lights are causing my smart meter to freak out, my usage shoots through the roof when they are on! Pulling around 100w per bulb. And i have like 15 of them! 😂
Im going to replace them. which is an unexpected expense thanks to having a smart meter put in.

I just turned my lights off at the fuse box and watched my IHD usage went from 1.4kwh per hour to 100w

So my usage was 8 daily on my old meter, then from the very day it was swapped for a smart meter, boom 25 a day!! Just like you. my usage wasnt under 20 for a single day in 9 months, even though im not always home! Haha

Since turning my lights off at the fuse box 3 days ago.. im using JUST 3 units a day.. but the app is 2 days behind so im waiting for it to catch up, i suggest you raise an official complain, you literally have to say that.. as id been moaning for months, and they only logged my complaint on the 5th jan, after i lost my temper talking to a support person that didnt know anything, and just claimed my old meter must have been slow 😂

Ive asked for all my data so i can take it to the onbudsman, cause SP are just scamming people and they absolutly know it! They wont let me have an old style meter cause they know ill go back to 8units and they will owe me 6000 units i never used.

stories like yours. 1bed flat no tv.. using 25kwh a day are all over this page, check your lights i guess.. Smiley Happy the meters are garbage but i dont think a check meter will catch it, as i read like 97% of check meters come back all clear.. they you get a £250 bill! 😂

Im all over this page just now, because my gas and utility bill is as much as my mortgage and i live alone so i really really cant afford this, i miss having money, i think ive collected enough proof now, its just if SP will refund me or not 😂
If they wont.. the onbusman will hopefully see sense hah