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Super High Energy Bill

posted by 80324089 | 7 months ago

Hi everyone,

I am living for the first time in a flat where I need to handle my energy bills myself. 

Now due to mistakes on Scottish powers side I've not received any regular bills since I moved in this flat in August, so never really noticed how much I am actually using.

Now I've taken a closer look at my readings and noticed that since my move in date I've used 5500 kWh. I live alone, only use electricity, don't own a tv, and don't really have many appliances.

After some testing I noticed that if I have one of my heaters running, that uses 7 units per hour. I also checked before and after my shower and noticed that that used about 8 units. 

Can someone advise me if that is actually possible? I am very afraid for the bill I will get for that and can't really afford heating my place if the usage is actually that high.

Thanks in advance


posted by DavC1 | 7 months ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill

@80324089   That is a very high consumption, 5500 kwh in 5 months, say 13000 kwh a year, would be for a large house. You seem to be using 36kwh a day,  Electricity costs about 20p a kwh so your daily cost is £7 and you have used just over £1000 since August.  Heaters and water heaters can easily use 7kw an hour, electrical heating is the most expensive type of heating..  The best advice is to only heat the lounge you live in and keep doors and windows closed, kitchens and bedrooms don't need to be heated to the same level as the lounge.    Having said that, it does seem that your meter is giving a strange reading.  Keep a regular check on the reading and make sure that the readings do not incease when all the appliances are turned off.  Take meter readings direct from the meter on the wall,  the hand held monitors can show false information.    Send regular readings to SP to avoid getting estimated bills. 

posted by 80324089 | 7 months ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill
I hoped that my heaters and water heaters are using way more than they should and that this is just a mistake of the meter. From your answer it seems like it isn't.

My lounge does not have a door and to warm it up I would need to run the heat for a while, but as it uses so much energy it's not sustainable for me. I will just have to look into finding other ways to keep me warm.

Thank you for your reply though. I appreciate it.

posted by DavC1 | 7 months ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill

@80324089   One other thought, if you have storage heaters that charge up automatically at night you should be on an Economy 7 tariff that gives cheaper electricity at night.  Something is definitely wrong with the amount of kWh you are using.    If you do have night storage heaters try turning one of them permanently off .   If the meter readings stay high ask a local electrician for advice on the heating in your flat. 

posted by 80324089 | 7 months ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill
@DavC1 I do not have storage heaters and normally only use one of my two heaters. After checking my use regularly in the last two days I determined that the high use stems from my electric shower and heater. So either these two are using way too much power and I need to find alternatives or the meter is not measuring the right consumption of these two. I'm not sure if the latter is even possible.

Thank you for your suggestions

posted by Paddy00 | 7 months ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill


Can i ask, do you have a smart meter installed?  because im having the same issue,  and it started happening the day my smart meter was installed.

here are the charges on the old meter, 

Old Meter.PNG

£3.35 / 21.96 = £0.15 per kwh

£0.68 / 25.25 = £0.02 per kwh

09/04/21 the new meter was installed, and these are the readings when installed,

new meter.PNG

£6.96 / 24 = 0.29p per kwh

£1.03 / 11.27 = 0.09p per kwh.

Recent charges.

recent charges.PNG

£5.00 / 17  = 0.29p per kwh

£1.80 / 22.55 = 0.07p per kwh

To complicate things my actual bill says im being charged 15.27p and 2.6p but my account keeps getting more and more behind, which is causing my DD to increase, its gone from £100pm to £300pm

ill try phoning support again tomorrow Smiley Happy 


posted by DavC1 | 7 months ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill

@Paddy00    The first table from the old meter shows same use each day so you probably took a weeks reading and allocated the same units to each day.

The smart meter readings are from your hand held monitor,  these devices include the daily fixed charge and they are also unreliable and often are programmed with wrong tariff data, and give unreliable readings.  
 The best way to measure use is to note down the real meter kWh readings.  Note that gas meters show cubic metre readings not kWh.  
The IHD readings give an approximate idea of daily costs, but it is definitely not your bill. Bills are calculated at head office based on meter readings and tariff settings. 



posted by Paddy00 | 7 months ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill
Hi @DavC1
This was all one table of my energy breakdown under my account, I cropped it to make it easier to read, but this data was all provided by Scottish Power, so I did not "take a weeks reading and allocate the same unit to each day", I would have provided a quarterly meter reading, and they would have just split that by as many days there was since my last bill, of course the numbers are the same every day?

As this data came from the same table, I assume its all just kWH, but if there is an issue converting from cubic meter to kWh that's Scottish Powers fault not mine?
I am taking note of my daily readings to monitor, but that doesnt change the fact before my smart meter went in, my account was charged 15p and 2p per unit, but after the smart meter went in, my account is reporting 29p and 7p per unit, and my bill is more than double what id expect.

Old Meter -
21.96 KWH - £3.35 (0.15p)
25.25 - £0.68 (0.02p)
New Meter -
17KWH - £5 (0.29p)
22 KWH - £1.80 (0.08p)

I would just like somebody to take a closer look at my account and not just dismiss this as a user error,
from Nov 2020 until March 2021 my bill was £378, then my smart meter went in in April and for 30days my bill was £300. Smiley Happy


posted by DavC1 | 7 months ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill

@Paddy00   Thanks for the reply,  your tariff is the only place where you get a true statement of unit costs, has your tariff changed recently? Typical kWh costs are 3p for gas and 20p for electricity with a 25p per day standing charge.   The data that SP provide as a guide to consumption and cost, including from the IHD device, are not your bill.  To check your new smart meter look at a week of kWh electric readings and compare it with a week on the old meter, they should be very close.  
The  low bills on the old meter may have been due to estimates and your new bill may be catching up with a deficit, it is not likely that you used £300 in one month,  but it could be an adjustment of cost after an accurate reading from the old meters on the changeover day. 
Smart meters record kWh exactly like conventional meters    The detailed bill shows opening and closing readings and any cost adjustments


posted by Paddy00 | 7 months ago
Re: Super High Energy Bill

Hi @DavC1
Thanks for taking the time to  talk this out with me Smiley Happy, this is all overly complicated, and the site and app are very confusing.

I was on a fixed price until this November, so I shouldn't have been changed, but its possible that maybe I had to move tarriff with the new smart meter and nobody told me, 

In april my smart meter was fitted and this is what my usage looked like,

2021 usage.PNGMarch Monthly usage.PNGEnergy usage.PNG

Also they seem to have charged me for 1149kwh of electric in april, but that looks like I was charged for both meters as my reported usage is 643KWH actually for that month (yellow highligh in both above pictures)

if i take the total number of unites used on my smart meter right now, 6784 x 0.15 = £1035, but my bill is £2159 apparently, which works out at 31p per unit, my actual bill thou, says 15.027p per unit, so it makes no sense, 

I have daily readings from 04/01/21 until 05/02/21, and photos, I have a reading in Feb and a reading in March, my bill was not estimated, as Scottish Power tried to charge me for 15000 units in the first 30days of me opening my account, this is why I decided to put the smart meter in, as I wanted an accurate recording of my usage, but honestly that was a mistake. 

like there are lots of scottish power customers complaining about weirdly high energy usage. My usage from December 21st til Dec26th,  apparently used £50 of Gas and electric, and i had unplugged everything i wasnt using! where ALL of last decemeber only cost me £80 and EVERYTHING would have just been running.

there is something weird going on, and i dont know what i can do to prove that im not using £300 of gas and electric  per month haha. somebody was supposed to call me back last week but didnt.

Thanks again.