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Switching - smart meter

posted by gerry18 | A month ago
Hi, I have just set in motion switching from First Utility ( now ShellEnergy) and want to check that my smart meters will still work ie sent readings automatically? Regards Gerry Stuart

posted by gerry18 | A month ago
Re: Switching - smart meter
Smart meter installed 24/11/2016

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posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: Switching - smart meter

@gerry18   Smart meters from 2016 were smets1 so they don’t work with a new supplier. Make sure SP has your opening reading by phoning it in. Smets1 meters will get upgraded in the coming year so they will finally work, the meter itself does not get changed it is a computer upgrade. 

posted by Thetwodevils | 4 weeks ago
Re: Switching - smart meter

wow you are going to like this one , well i think we will start from the beginning  with Scottish Power . I was with them and decided to get a Smart meter in August 2017 but my tariff was coming to an end in December of that year so i looked around for a better deal and went to SSE. 

In that year with SSE our bills were getting very high so I told the family that we has to cut down on our fuel in the house as we were using to much as we only has so much money to use for fuel bills . We didn't go into debt but it was a struggle come November 2018 I said to the family I had to change the gas and electric again to another company as I could not afford the heating bills anymore . We moved back to Scottish Power.

I decided to pay monthly but on a fixed tariff ,they were asking £120 per month which I could afford , we got no bill for 3 months so we paid 3 x £120  direct debit and come January wow I get a bill for £700  with a note to say our monthly amount would be  £190 . I can't  afford that , I got on to them and was told nothing could be done as that was what it was work out over the months .

This was the hard part for my family and neighbours, we decided that we had to continue to pay and not go into debt but turn the heating OFF and we bought a colour gas heater and just heated one room over the winter and just used the gas for the combi for the shower to get washed and hot water . We also called the emergency gas to check to see if we had a leak in the house as I wanted to know why we got a bill for so much gas and contacted the neighbours to tell them they might have to vacate there homes as i might have a leak.

The emergency gas people came checked my house and all the neighbours ,all were fine but where and how was I using all the gas . By now i was getting frustrated and angry so much so tension and depression was setting in as money was nowhere and I could not afford to fund other bills . This point I had my first problem where I had a psychotic episode where i was put under section 32 for my own Health this lasted 3 weeks until they were satified I was fit to return home . But the winter was still here and we stll had no heating just the calor gas heater . I had loads of help of medical services which I can't thank enougt but again April another bill £500+ just for the shower and tap water OMG . Help what are we going to do , i ended up in hosptial again sectioned another brakedown . How many time I told Scottish Power there was someting wrong with my gas account or readings I don't know but please I hope this does not happen to you .

So I was reading a post on one of these pages and someone said I'm now sick of Scottish Power over they way they have handle my complait about there meter readings and there it was my problem.

Failed to register my meters to the dater base when I changed from Imperial meter to Smart Meter in August 2017 when I was with Scottish Power they changed our gas meter from the old 4 clock dial Imperial to the digital 5 meter reading m3 the reading are :-

1 unit of gas imperial =£0.89

1 unit of gas metric =£0.32  

They had been charging  time threemes the amount for our gas as they failed to register the meter with the relative authority.

please check have you got a meter with the M3 and not getting charged Imperial rates . We have just be giving a refund from both company to the total of £1243 and we are able to put our heating back on .Winter will be warm 🔥


posted by Davc | 4 weeks ago
Re: Switching - smart meter

@Thetwodevils   Awful story and great that you triumphed in the end, lets hope it helps someone else to check their metric gas meters.