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Switichng tarrifs

posted by newtothegame | 6 months ago

Just moved into a new house. Opened online account with scottish power. We have a SP smart meter installed.  (previous owner also using  SP) 

Currently, I'm on a stanard tarrif. Wanna switch to the 1 year fixed energy.

My question is, if I do that. will I be paying for what I use, or fixed monthly price  based on an estimate?



posted by Davc | 6 months ago
Re: Switichng tarrifs

@newtothegame   Good question. A fixed deal fixes the unit costs per KWh. You pay for what you use and the DD can be adjusted until it settles to your normal pattern of use. If you are  confident of your normal annual consumption the DD should remain fairly constant. However be aware that a fixed deal does not guarantee your DD will never change. 

posted by newtothegame | 6 months ago
Re: Switichng tarrifs

Yeah, that's what I want, I want to pay for what i use, and for the direct debit to adjust based on that.

Another  question,  I live with a couple friends, the SP account was opened in my friend's name. Can I use my debit card details for DD or does it have to be his card, his name?

posted by Davc | 6 months ago
Re: Switichng tarrifs

@newtothegame   I’m not sure about that, but to keep the account simple why don’t you give your friend the money each month but let them use their bank details. Remember once you register your payment details you would be chased for any bad debts. 


posted by Jonnel | 6 months ago
Re: Switichng tarrifs
@newtothegame I'm surprised SP have asked for payment by card. It's risky paying for anything by debit card because the buyer isn't covered by Section 75 of the consumer credit act - goods or services. SP would be able to take whatever they wanted, any amount, any time, no notice.

I would advise against giving SP debit card details. If you MUST pay by card use a credit card.

But don't be tempted to give someone else your card details because again, that would invalidate any cover under your card contract and Section 75.