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Tariff rates

posted by chartman | A week ago

Plenty of tariff information for low/medium/hight use, but very little (if any) in the way of cost per KWh for gas and electric and cost per day when tring to pick a new tariff. Current tariffs are shown in my acount, which is useful.. So I'm finding it hard to decide on stick or switch


posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: Tariff rates

Select 'View tariff information label' to get the unit costs'


posted by Jonnel | A week ago
Re: Tariff rates
@chartman If you use a comparison website and enter your current tariff from the list available along with your annual usage (in kwh) NOT sterling cost, you get a better comparison of what you're on to what you can get. The comparison websites make it far easier to see unit costs and standing charges and even compare to your current supplier's offers.

posted by chartman | 5 days ago
Re: Tariff rates

OK Sort of sorted but what a pain S Power info is. All the info on the graphs etc. for usage and my discussion with online chat are based on 'units'. However  tariff information on all websites is in KWh so making a comparison is VERY difficult. 

I eventually got there figuring out my usage in KWh but what a fiasco.....

Also, in my web trawls, I found a cheaper tariff for SP ( on a compare site) that is NOT advertised on SP web site. It was also cheaper than what the guy in online chat told me was their cheapest tariff...... So I will be questioning that with SP.

That online tariff was called Super Saver April 2000 B3. Unless, of course, the compare site has outdated information. My Gas price hike if I stay with SP is ~18% rise. That's outrageous....

Top answer

posted by Davc | 5 days ago
Re: Tariff rates

Hi chartman. Interesting discovery you made, but I’m puzzled electricity units are alway kWh   Gas can be measured in different units but is converted to kWh for billing. So were you talking about gas? 

Your annual usage of both fuels is printed on page 2 of your bill so no need to use the graphs. 

There are often special offers for new customers via price comparison sites, but not available for customers of SP. 

posted by chartman | 4 days ago
Re: Tariff rates
Thanks Davec.... I never realised that all the info is actually on the .pdf bill as opposed to the online bill. TBH, I've never looked at the pdf bill so my bad.

posted by chartman | 4 days ago
Re: Tariff rates

Anyone know how to get hold of live chat ???

posted by Davc | 4 days ago
Re: Tariff rates

Hi Chartman, The chat facility is supposed to open up if you start to follow one of the subjects on the Support Centre pages.

posted by RosieB | 4 days ago
Re: Tariff rates

I keep being bombarded with emails to change my tariff now rather than wait until my current deal ends in April.  There is a promise of £20 being added to my account if I do so.  Well, I did, but no sign of the £20 being credited - anyone know how long it should take?

posted by Davc | 4 days ago
Re: Tariff rates
Sorry I can’t help you, if it was a genuine SP deal in writing you should get a credit, but if it was a promise from a switching agency maybe not. I have not heard of inducement like this before.