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posted by bruisedpilgrim | A year ago

Does anyone know how to to contact Scottish Power by email?  Their "want to chat with us?" facility never seems to be availableavailable.

What I want to ask is this.  They have sent an email telling me that my fixed price tariff is ending and offering a new "saver fixed December 2019" tariff at £324pa, not far off the best price on comparison websites.  However, when I click through to the "change tariff" page the price is £374.65.





posted by DaveD | A year ago
Re: Tariffs
Email is contactus@scottishpower.com

When is your fixed tariff ending?


posted by bruisedpilgrim | A year ago
Re: Tariffs

Hi again Dave. Tariff ends 31 Jan 2019. Thanks for bearing with me. 

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Tariffs

Changing tariffs with cost estimates works in complex ways and different estimates are commonplace. Partly this is due to the way Ofgem insist comparisons are made, Ofgem says you must calculate assuming you go onto Standard rates until the tariff ends, daft I know but there it is. The only true way to compare is to look at the p/unit and standing charge costs for the new and old tariffs.  Of course SP need to make estimates of your future consumption as well and estimates can vary from time to time.  Hope this helps, your deal does not look too bad and your costs are very much below average.