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posted by francescap | 2 years ago
Re: Too Many Meters


I try for the first time to switch electricity supplier and the new one told that they could not do it because of the 2 MPANs. I call the SP and asked them for a better deal and stay with them. However, do we have other choices?


posted by Michael_W | 2 years ago
Re: Too Many Meters
After much arguing with SP over the last 12 months I have finally come to a resolution. It is really quite simple and I wish Scottish Power staff had sufficient training to have dealt with the enquiry from the outset.

If you are on the ComfortPlus set up like me and you wish to move to a more standard two rate setup, all you need to do is get an electrician to disconnect your heating system from the control meter, and connect it to the two rate meter instead. Cost me £65.

You should ensure that you have suitable controls for your storage heaters - they can now be powered 24 hours per day and daytime electricity is very expensive. As such I have set up timers at the switches for each of me heaters to ensure they only charge at night. I am now free to choose any electricity supplier in my area and can select tariffs nearly £250 cheaper based on my usage

posted by Michael_W | 2 years ago
Re: Too Many Meters
I should add, once nothing is connected to the control meter you need to ask SP to remove it

posted by Graham09 | 2 years ago
Re: Too Many Meters

I am in the same boat with my mum.

The rates very expensive and am trying to find out my options, the electric storage heaters are wired to to the wall, how did you navigate this to ensure your storage heaters only came on at night


posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Too Many Meters

@Graham09   You have found some good advice here. Get an electrician to disconnect the storage heater from its timer, remove its wire from the wall and put in a socket, then plug in the storage heater through a timer switch.  Set it to only come on midnight to 7 am. Finally tell SP you need an Economy 7 tariff.   

The only doubt I have is if the meter is owned by the care home you have to get their permission to make changes. 

If all this is too much disconnect the storage heater and use a fan heater in the daytime, but get switched to a normal tariff.