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posted by CaptainBuck | 3 years ago
Re: Too Many Meters
I am in the enviable position that I could probably get the control (comfort plus) meter removed as my house was converted to gas central heating many years ago. In reality I still use the additional meter to top up batteries that I installed to take my surplus solar energy.
This arrangement is ideal for the duller half of the year and means with a little automation the system is totally hands off.
I could now request that SP remove the comfort plus meter and just use the normal two rate meter but this would complicate the automation as I would need to detect when the cheaper rate kicks in order to optimise my consumption. This is because there is no external way of detecting which rate is active. I am fairly sure that a simple timer wouldn't be accurate enough. More research is required.

posted by springjoy | 3 years ago
Re: Too Many Meters

Hi jasmine, after a slow start I have paid my final Scottish Power bill and my account has been closed.  So far Our Power have not been the most efficent provider I have ever had but then again neither was Scottish Power.  I have yet to receive my first bill since moving supplier but I intend to stick with them as I believe in what they are trying to do, i.e give customers on restricted meters a cheaper alternative and also the fact that they are non-profit  The company is relatively new so it is all a learning curve for them

posted by johnshutt | 3 years ago
Re: Too Many Meters

Can anyone PLEASE ,PLEASE ADVISE.My 83 year old mother -in-law lives in Dumfries & Galloway scotland.She is all alone  & her Bills for electris are currently £144/month  . She is at her wits end as they have told her this will be £215/month dirct debit from 10/10/2018.

I have just tried to swith to Bulb a new provider which could save over £400.00 year,Unfortunatley because she has a Complex Weather Meter ( two meters ) which seems to very old  Scottish Power have been very difficult to get involved as they are NOT commiting & even suggesting we get our own electrician to Change the storage heaters and  look at the problem with the meterIt certainly looks like there is no way out !!!! Any suggestions on companies that might take a 83 yaer old who will pay on the button would be appreciated. 

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Too Many Meters

Search this forum for Weathercall and Comfort Plus. Several people have had trouble leaving SP without big rewiring costs but I remember one person did find a supplier who would take on the SP system. 

The cheapest option is to take a hard look at insulation in the house and see if you can adjust the system to use the least fuel, not heating unused rooms and not heating overnight.  

posted by Mathewgallimore | 3 years ago
Re: Too Many Meters
Scottish Power have been nothing but difficult. I have 2mpans and dual rate/cost with an off peak circuit that switches on and off (00:00 - 07:00 and 15:00 - 18:00)
I have only lived in the property for 4 months but I have had nothing but problems with Scottish Power. I've called multiple times and have been told many different opinions as to what my meter set up is as well as the tarrif costs. I've never dealt with such incompetence. I've requested the meter be removed and put on a single meter but this was flatly refused. I've been doing some research and have now realised that the off peak rate with them is actually more expensive than many of the standard single rates from other suppliers. The current night rate is 14.66 pence , day rate 18.24 and 26.18p standing charge. Bulbs standing charge is 20.44p and unit rate is 14.15p.
Scottish Power are a joke and I have nothing positive to say about my experience. Someone earlier on this thread mentioned raising the issue to the ombudsmen which I will be doing.
Luckily I'm installing gas next week so will be away from all these issues soon (or at least I hope so) but feel something needs to be done to help anyone else stuck on one of these ludicrous meter set ups.
Scottish Power basically monopolize your supply as hardly any other supplier will entertain this set up. It should be illegal.

posted by springjoy | 2 years ago
Re: Too Many Meters
Our Power tariffs for 3 rate meters were much more affordable for me but, unfortunately, they have now ceased trading and Ofgem will appoint an alternative supplier. So, no doubt Scottish Power will be more than happy to accept Our Power's unhappy customers back into their clutches to be ripped off again.

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Too Many Meters
Comfort plus can use special storage heaters from SP. if so a change to e7 may mean hardware changes. I hope you can find a new supplier who can handle your situation. Bulb seem to be understanding of such situations.

posted by Janice68 | 2 years ago
Re: Too Many Meters

Has anyone been successful in getting rid of the two or more meters and changing to one.. I’ve had this meter change cancelled several times now and don’t have storage heaters anymore so want a normal single meter but SP don’t seem able to do that. 

posted by Jonnel | 2 years ago
Re: Too Many Meters
@Janice68 Reading between the lines, it seems to me the smaller energy companies offer an enhanced customer service compared to the Big 6. That's not to criticise the big guys of course, but maybe the smaller ones' business focus is on growth rather than other areas. If I were looking for a firm to remove and replace, I think I would first look at someone who wanted my business, rather than the cheapest or most recognisable. I could always switch again the following year.

posted by Michael_W | 2 years ago
Re: Too Many Meters

I also have this setup and have been attempting to get Scottish Power to change this since July 2018. I have now gone to the Ombudsman in the hope that their intervention will persuade Scottish Power to agree to move my metering system on to a standard arrangement