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Totally wrong billing

posted by troonlady | A week ago
Changed from Ovo in July ! Have had smart meter for over 3 years. Doesn’t work with this supplier! Have asked to get meter read as unable to do so ourselves! We are priority customers. Just received electricity bill with A reading?! Showing I owe over £600 and haven’t paid anything! Dual fuel dd paid since July? What the hell is going on here? Asked for meter to be read 23/9 and again, 29/10! Still waiting!

posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: Totally wrong billing

@troonlady   Sorry to hear that. Smart meters from 3 years ago do not work with a new supplier (the modern ones work and the older ones will get converted)  When you move accounts the new supplier is in control, they get an opening reading and tell the old supplier the reading so they can close your old account. You need to tell SP your meter readings on  0800 027 0072.  If you dont know how to get a meter reading ask a friend or neighbour. The readings should be on your hand held Display as well as on the meters themselves.


posted by troonlady | A week ago
Re: Totally wrong billing
Took your advice, Davec and managed by pure fluke to get readings off wee monitor! Then phoned and spoke to helpful advisor who talked me through reading both meters! Readings tallied with monitor readings so Scottish power now have up to date readings! Still getting meter reader out for future readings due to circumstances in the home(disabilities)! The final readings from Ovo were given by me when we signed up! Seems the ‘actual ‘ reading is totally unexplained and reading was taken from zero on my smart meter? Strange, but advisor is going to check what went wrong!Thanks again got your advice!