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URGENT Query - Switchover problem and awful customer service

posted by Richard_1914 | 2 years ago

We recently moved into a property just over a month ago and my partner and I decided to move both my Gas and Electric to you  and signed up to your Super Saver April 2021 B4 Tariff.  As you were offering such a good deal.

Unfortunately my online account only shows the Gas has been set up. After spending approximately 6 hours on the phone to your 'customer service' team in the middle of March they confirmed this was because Scottish Power already supplied the Electricity at the property and I was assured that everything would be in my name ready for the first bill mid April.
However the previous property owner has now been on the phone to me and said they have received a bill from you for £80 for Electricity.
I have tried phoning all of your customer service lines however it appears they are all shut, I've tried contacing you on social media but am being ignored and I have tried contacting you by email but got an auomated response from your Cutomer Services Director, Lynda Clayton. Who I have now emailed directly with a copy of my complaint.
I realise in the current climate all companies are having issues with service continuity and I understand that it will take a bit longer to answer queries from customers.  However (a) you are still taking my money and I expect some level of service from your company and (b) a company the size of Scottish Power should have business continuity protocols in place for an event such as this. 
When I got through to your emergency line your representative who answered the phone said it would be at least 4 weeks until the department who could resolve my issue would be back online as Scottish Power do not have the capacity to have home working yet but not to worry if I got cut off I could phone 105 who would be able to help. The fact that no one at Scottish Power can assist me until I have been cut off is frankly ridiculous.
Could you please confirm that both the Gas and Electricity are in my name and that the direct debit is as stated in the Welcome letter I received.  After having tried all of your customer service lines, your Twitter and Facebook pages I am now moving from a frustrated to an angry customer.  I now fully understand why your company has a 1 star rating on customer service.
Scottish Power have until the end of the day to get back to me regarding my query or I will be speaking to the Energy Watchdog and switching to another energy provider.
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posted by Angela45 | A year ago
Re: URGENT Query - Switchover problem and awful customer service
I can really associate with your frustration. I switched to this 'ridiculous' company in April this year due to them switching me late,I needed to carry on topping up my current provider so needed to cancel my first months direct debit with SP. Paid by card to cover the DD.Emailed them to notify them (no response),they still tried taking the funds twice. Finally spoke to someone set a direct debit up,then they cancelled it (no reason) put me on a ridiculous tariff like £98 a month. Now I'm finally trying to switch & they're being awkward holding it up.