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posted by EnigmaJay | 5 months ago
Re: Unable to top up on the app
I advise you to leave them and go with someone else, I have. They did nothing to resolve the payment issue, I was having to sit on the phone in work to customer services just to be able to top up my gas/electric. Customer services didn't give a cr*p, in fact some of them were downright rude when I was explaining the issues I was having, not one of them offered a solution, they just kept saying we'll you are able to phone us to top up, one even put the phone down on me. The leaving process was also abysmal, they stopped any capabilities I had of topping up Gas/Electric 2 weeks before I was due to leave, thankfully I had enough on both meters, but if I hadn't I fully believe they'd have just left me without power. The new company I went with were appalled at the lack of service. The cheeky s*ds have phoned me numerous times since I left too, to see if I want to come back to them, you can imagine my answer to that one!

posted by Tamsmum | 4 months ago
Re: Unable to top up on the app
I'm having same issue my electric completely went turning off my actually meter I was left 25.5 hours with no electricity only can on 3 hours ago.. the top up app is having problems.. no s#$t... ringing them is only way to top up.