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Unexpected bill

posted by Sarahd2004 | 2 years ago
Has anyone else come across this?? I had an email this morning with an estimated bill... I never received an email requesting meter readings, in fact I wasn't expecting an invoice until early next month..? The last bill I paid was middle of December (2 months ago) as I get billed quarterly I should be paying every 3 months not two... anyone had a similar experience??

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Unexpected bill
@Sarahd2004. A lot of people on quarterly bills are reporting more frequent billing. It looks like SP is trying to speed up cash flow to reduce their borrowing.

posted by nthscroby | 2 years ago
Re: Unexpected bill

These past 2 months I have been billed every 7 days yet my billing date is the 18th of each month.

This constitutes harassment and is unacceptable when people are trying to conserve.

posted by nthscroby | 2 years ago
Re: Unexpected bill
they say there is a glitch with the system but surely they employ some smart IT personnel who can fix it after 2 months.
They have told me to ignore it and the correct billing will eventually take place.
if you are on monthly cash payment give a meter reading on your due date, ignore the weekly estimates.
You can verify this info if you can get through on the chat line.

posted by parkerfly9 | 3 weeks ago
Re: Unexpected bill
Just like to know if my bills are supposed to be quarterly then why have I just received another bill this month after just struggling to pay one last month,regards
Mr P Parker.

posted by DavC1 | 3 weeks ago
Re: Unexpected bill

@parkerfly9    Usually a bill is raised each time a reading is sent in.   If no readings then it will be quarterly. 

posted by Bobby4 | 2 weeks ago
Re: Unexpected bill
What DavC says is what seems to happen, with no warning that it is going to create a new bill and change your DD payment