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Useless customer service

posted by Neally1 | 3 years ago

Having a really hard time with Scottish Power customer service. spoke to an advisor 2 weeks ago and was promised a refund within 5 days.

this didnt happen so spoke to them again, i was told the refund had been cancelled with no reason then got told again that it would happen within 5 days.

contacted them again yesterday and they had no record of my previous 2 calls, the advisor told me he could arrange a refund for half the amount within 5 days. i then got put onto a supervisor who seemed to answer any question except when will i get my refund? its my money after all.

we agreed that i would get a callback within 2 hours from a manager in the refund team.

that was 12pm yesterday and still no callback. Ive tried today but the online chat to an advisor option has been removed from my account :-(

has anyone else experienced these issues in getting their money back? the worst part is im still with Scottish Power,.


posted by thomas | 3 years ago
Re: Useless customer service

Couldn't agree more. Currently lodged two complaints - one about non refund of credit balance. The other about change of meter and them issuing incorrect bills, despite my supplying a photo of the card the engineer left.

when you email them, the response bears little evidence that they've read your email.

Appalling customer service.



posted by Cazzer333 | 3 years ago
Re: Useless customer service

I am at the end of my tether with them. I agreed to a new smart meter and when Provider fitted the gas meter, they had to rush to the next fitting and did not check it was working. It has never worked and Scottish power just say its nothing to do with them. Providor will not come back so im stuck on estimated bills

I am goi ng to move to another supplie rin the hope they have a better sub contractors and better ways of resolving this issue

Ive given up phoning as they just dont answer the phone, unless you ahve a spare 15/20 mins


posted by jkclara | 3 years ago
Re: Useless customer service

How do i contact this joke of a company? I left this company about 2 years ago and yet they are still hastling me for meter readings and when i login to the site i cant find any means of contacting them other than to have a moan with other existing suffering customers. My advice to you is to leave, they are unable to provide a good service and are obvioulsy not looking after my personal data.

posted by newbiemark | 3 years ago
Re: Useless customer service

I wish I had read these posts before ever making the mistake of switching to SP. They have made a complete hash of my switch, mixing up 2 seperate accounts and after raising a complaint are still acting in the same incompetent way that I have experienced since day 1. I have a story to tell OFGEM once the 8 week deadline expires for the resolution of the complaint, but my suggestion is that we should all go on social media and share our experience because companies so hate bad publicity.

posted by lily99 | 3 years ago
Re: Useless customer service
I haven't tried to get money back, but I've had terrible problems getting through on the phone, not being called back when they said they would, being passed to the wrong department, phone calls being cut off and people being unable to answer my questions. I will be looking round for a better deal - and much better customer service - shortly.

posted by Neveragain | 3 years ago
Re: Useless customer service

Same here utterly useless. Joke of a company avoid !!!

posted by charles | 3 years ago
Re: Useless customer service

It's a deliberate policy to save them spending any costly time on your complaints and in the hope that eventually you will either give up or pay up as sadly, i am sure many do.  Best not to post here; It's a closed forum so they'tre not bothered about your problems or what you or anyone else thinks of them think of them because potential damage is very limited here. Post on a public forum like Facebook or Twitter where their image and reputation is at stake. You'll see from other posts that this always gets their attention and suddenly you're treated as you always should have been and any other energy company would have done from the outset. You can also nhave a laugh at the public if insincere apology they have to post! Good luck.

posted by MaLa | 3 years ago
Re: Useless customer service

How on earth do I get to speak to a representative of this supposedly customer service?

condensation in glass cover made it difficult to read meter  sent what I thought was correct but then my bill hosed huge increase

obviously I misread digits and want someone to hange the cover.

Can’t get any phone numbers,,,VERY POOR SERVICE WHICH  I shall remember when my renewal date ones up!

posted by ne5566 | 3 years ago
Re: Useless customer service

I'm moving suppliers. Spent an hour in a cue this morning and then when I got through I was put on hold for 20 minutes until I eventually gave up. SP webpage  doesn't make finding  a telephone easy. Typical British customer 'care' and yet company profits are up yet again and prices have risen even when the wholesale price of oil has fallen.