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posted by GLADYMAY | 3 years ago
Re: Useless customer service

How I wish I had seen the Telegraph report and customer e-mails before signing up with Scottish Power.  I change supply in May 2018 and am still trying to sort out what is owed.  I worked in accounts for 40 years and I have never come across a system like this, they keeping sending final bills but with different amounts, I have always understood that a final bill is exactly that, so far I have received three with different amounts. Impossibel to get through to speak with anyone, do not call back when requested, if you do get through speak to an operation who says they will look into  it and call back - STILL WAITING??????

posted by kartmech | 2 years ago
Re: Useless customer service

Under no circumstance sign-up to SP!

Spent months trying to get them to reduce our DD amount as the account was ALWAYS way in credit.

Now trying to get a refund - I'm convinced it'll never happen........

A completely bloody useless customer service dept.!

posted by SEE | 2 years ago
Re: Useless customer service

flippin awful. still on hold after half an hour and useless website. Inherited scottish power after moving house..definitely moving as soon as they fix the gas meter, whenever that may be

posted by mrsangry | 2 years ago
Re: Useless customer service
I can’t tell you how angry I am with Scottish Power, I’m surprised they’re still going because all their customers must be fed up with them by now !

posted by mrsangry | 2 years ago
Re: Useless customer service
It’s impossible to contact them. I’ve been trying today for over three hours. They’re a disgrace and shouldn’t be in business at all 😡

posted by mat6413 | 2 years ago
Re: Useless customer service

I have been waiting for a call back from scottish power night, however no call recevied, I shouldnt be surpised by their poor customer service. I feel like i am being held hostage by scottish power. 

posted by PaulAde | A year ago
Re: Useless customer service
Customer service i would rate as none existent. I have been requested to take readings as the first bill for gas for 8 days use was over 80 pounds, i did that being told my account would be on hold and i should continue using the energy thinking they would identify i fault. I received another bill of near 300 pounds under 2 months. Today after a call i was being told that was the meter reading and it was correct, after going back and forth with the repetition of being told it was the meter reading and it was correct, i was advised that they could get someone out to install something and i would have to pay £50 pounds for this, unless a fault was identified ( this was after requesting to speak to someone senior repeatedly). So essentially after giving 3 meter readings I have received bills stating action is required on each occasion and the first two times I called i was informed the account was on hold and they were monitoring this. Why on earth was I not told initially that the fault could be identified by installing this device? instead I have been advised on each occasion that i should submit reader reading to be told everything is normal.

posted by Fiona01 | A year ago
Re: Useless customer service

I eventually got through to someone on Tuesday was told yes Ive sent you email with historic bills I requested. (Still waiting)::-/. Someone I know works for SP and when posted my frustrations  he said emails take 24 hours well over 48 hours later and still nowt. I'm not amused especially since I work in customer service for a car insurance company, any emails take 5-10 minutes tops. SP are liars who dnt do what they promise.


posted by AngryCustomer | A year ago
Re: Useless customer service

We have switch to SP in October as they were offering to change our  prepayement meter reading to normal ones. We have done the credit Check and been told that in 14 days we will be told if it pass or not. 14 days later nothing, contact them again saying that it is taking 28 days!!! How the answer can change between 2 different person??? After that still no answer for a month. Going back to them and they say oh yes it is fine we can take an appointment for you. The appointment had been cancelled by mail post 3 days before the engineer was supposed to come. Therefore I have raise a complain in December telling me that I will received an email within 3 day: what a surprise no email. And from today still no news. 

We switch supplier as they told us no cancellation fees and what a surprise we have some plus needed to pay for standing charge for us being on credit which we never been and we haven't allow it either!!!! 

It's been 3 days i am trying to contact them, the chat is not working so i download the app but no answer to my message from Tuesday!!!!! 

How a customer service can be that useless not able to help, not saying the same thing every time you contact them and even not able to help at all as at the moment it is innexistent!!!!

I regret to have choose this supplier as it seems that they are a fraude!! 

posted by billyboy49 | A year ago
Re: Useless customer service