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posted by Fiona01 | A month ago
Re: Useless customer service

I have recently moveot British Gas ((because I was NOT WILLING to pay SP's ridiculously high standing charge prices) and their call centres are in India,South Africa and England. I have been unfortunate to get the Indian and South African call centres past couple of times I have phoned as regards my switching process and all you get is silence unless they are actually answering a question and they can't get you off the phone quick enough. I've juimped out of frying pan ionti fire as regards customer service. I work for Aviva and we get pulled up for not making conversation with cusomers!!!

As regards leaving Scottish power wehad £42 credit balance, this suddenly dropped to £41.06 on our fib=nalbill amd we got arefund of only£17.26 after getting email from Scottish Power saying we were due £41.06!! I couldn't be bothered waiting an hour on phone tlo argue with them, however after being gtold my smart meters would work (told I had 2nd generation ones).they DON'T, Still working off my SP Tariff!!! Now I need to g through all the hassel of gettng new smart meters fitted. 

posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: Useless customer service

@Fiona01   We all agree here SP customer service is bad, but your smart meters might work with BG, the display tariff not changing does not mean BG are not getting readings.  It takes a while for the readings to switch over and the display tariff would be at the end of a long line of changes. Even people who have never changed supplier often have the wrong tariff information, it seems to be a weak link in the smart meter system.