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Using Meters and Tariffs

posted by DavC1 | 4 weeks ago

To know the cost of your fuel you need two things, a tariff cost, and a meter reading.  The tariff cost is in pence per unit, like petrol in pence per litre. The meter tells how many units you have used, like a petrol pump shows how many litres you have taken.    Everyone should know their tariff costs, they are  shown when you log into your account, and they are printed on bills.  Everyone should also know about their meter readings and should send regular readings to Scottish Power. Smart meters do this automatically.    This is how to understand your fuel costs.    

Typical electricity tariff costs are rising rapidly, they used to be around 15p a unit, but they increased to over 20 p , and after October will be over 40p.     No suppliers can offer cheap fuel and it is almost impossible now to swap supplier,  price comparison websites cannot help.   This is completely different to the normal situation and it is why it is called an energy emergency.  Good luck to everyone and get to know your tariff and meter readings.