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Using a GEO TRIO IDH supplied by Drayton Wiser

posted by barriesmith | A week ago

I've recently installed a Drayton Wiser (Schneider electric) smart home heating system. The Wiser app ahas an option called "Insights+" for which you need to order a new IDH from Schneider electric. They sent me a "GEO TRIO II Touchbutton" IDH. The IDH has to be first connected to WIFI and then the Wiser cloud servicxe. Both of wihhc work fine. But the IHD refuses to connect to my smart meter. 

As a note my old British Gas IHD (I was with BG before I moved to SP) connects to the satrt meter within a minute.

any idea why the new TRIO IHD refuses to connect to the meter?


posted by DavC1 | A week ago
Re: Using a GEO TRIO IDH supplied by Drayton Wiser

@barriesmith    The British Gas IHD uses an encrypted Zigbee connection to the smart meter.  So you can assume your new IHD would need a password valid for your meter.  This is only available from a meter install engineer.  The password stops your IHD communicating with other nearby meters.    Other possibilities preventing the new IHD from connecting are;  it does not have Zigbee, or the smart system does not allow connection by two IHDs at the same time. 

posted by jnm1 | A week ago
Re: Using a GEO TRIO IDH supplied by Drayton Wiser

Scottish Power cannot run a website properly so how you expect to run smart meters is just a joke .

Customer service is non existent you are directed to a live chat link which is hidden of course ,

If you can find the live chat link you will be directed to Gabriel Gnomes in a Mumbai call centre  !

Forget about a smart meter with SP  the in-house display does not work after 2 weeks if you call there help line after 2 hours you might be answered by somebody who has been sleeping on their desk and you are just a nuisance  . After telling you to disconnect meter for 48 hours and dance round  a full  moon naked it should work . I am 63 and expected me to enter UTRN number s of 20 numbers on ground level meters  you are having a