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posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total

@leah   Your bill from April to June should not be very high, but be prepared for when it arrives if you no longer use DD.

posted by jewls2019 | 2 weeks ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total

They've just installed  a smart meter but still the meter shows from £7 to £20 per day, even when I am at work and everything is off,  except the fridge/freezer, an alarm clock and the landline phone ! This can't be right ! something is wrong with Scottish Power's metering

posted by Davc | 2 weeks ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total
@jewls2019. You are probably looking at the costs on your home display. These are often wrong and very misleading, it is not your bill only a badly programmed display. Don’t worry the meters themselves are probably working well.

posted by jewls2019 | 2 weeks ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total
Ok, I will wait to receive the bill, and will feedback. I am looking at the display indeed, i thought that was the point. Sometimes the display says I'm consuming 0 or 0.02 / 0.01 , yet the total increases. I hope you are right.... thanks

posted by fiona190 | A week ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total

I recieved a random bill for £190 and a letter addressed to someone else different account number at my address. After wasting a whole saturday phoning them back every time i got cut off (they have a time cut off when they transfer you ) I was told it was a randomly processed letter and not to worry.  To cut a long story short I am not only still being billed for this £190 I am being billed for a meter that I don't  even have.  I gave them the final figures for this meter which was taken away by them in April 2019 and removed from the wall October 2017 and SP are still trying to bill me for this meter. Nightmare.  


posted by LauraLou | A week ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total


I am very confused by our bills and statements that we have gotten from Scottish Power, well i correct myself i had to print them off myself as they failed to send us anything through the post. To start off with we had a bill  from the period stated 01 June 2018 - 28 November 2018 our account was £190.22 in credit, then  another for the period of 01 June 2018 - 20 February 2019 our account was then apparently £261.71 in debit then we had a final one for the period 21 February - 25 May our account was then £536.15 in debit. Now i just cant fathom how that is considering we paid our bills on time each month, These were all calculated on the same day of 6th June 2019 when we were no longer in the property that we were being billed for. 

We have had nothing but problems with this energy supplier and quite frankly i am at the end of my tether with it all.  At our first property our account was never actually actioned until after the 4th time of ringing to get it sorted out. Then of course we were then hit with a big bill. No one is able to do what they say they will do and no one can obviously get it right.  Numerous times we have asked for and been told we would be sent a letter/bill but recieve nothing. This company is the worst of the worst, and i shall never EVER be giving any more of my time and money to this place. 

posted by Annemarie | A week ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total
I’m extremely angry with SP. I’m nearly £300 in credit and yet they won’t let me have it until I submit a meter reading. Had a reader booked but then was told they were unavailable. They told me to take photos of meters. Easier said than done! Attached pics to an email then they say I need to copy and paste. This I did but now say I need to copy onto body of chat. They are totally inept. Can’t wait to move to somewhere like Bulb. Would never recommend SP!!!

posted by Jonnel | A week ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total
@Annemarie What I would do is- Cancel my direct debit, so my credit wouldn't build up any higher. Then calculate how long it would take me to use up the credit SP won't let me have back, then add a couple weeks just to be on the safe side. Then I would count back 6 weeks from there and on that date, start a switch to Bulb.

If I worked it out right I should end up using my unreachable credit amount to pay for the fuel I used, up until the switch day, and hopefully, just have a couple weeks usage to pay as a final bill.

And Bulb pay your exit fees too...

posted by Annemarie | Yesterday
Re: Very high bill, wrong total
It gets worse. After my tale of woe I submitted meter readings now credit gone down from nearly £300 to £79. I’ve managed to change DD to £21 on app but SP want £51. Been on Bulb in the past. They’ve quoted £91/month! Does anyone have experience of them please before I switch?

posted by Jonnel | 16 hours ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total
@Annemarie As your monthly DD amount seems to be your main bugbear, I really think your best bet would be to switch to quarterly billing rather than a rolling total. Just open another bank account at branch and arrange to transfer as much (or as little) as you want each month to it from your main account, then use that new account to pay your energy bill. That way, you have complete control over your monthly payment (the equivalent of your DD) as YOU set it up and manage it yourself.

Of course, the only drawback to that is : if you don't transfer enough money each month, your new account may be short of cash when the bill comes in, so you'd have to find the shortfall within a couple weeks or so. The arrangement to be in debt for a month or two is one of the benefits of an arranged DD, but it seems like you would prefer to forego that if if meant you were earmarking less for the bill each month. Give it some thought.

Bulb don't do quarterly billing, unless under special arrangement, they take monthly by DD in advance.