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posted by debbiewar | 5 months ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total
Same here i pay 277 a month. Just put up to 768????
Feb im in credit 176.00 i have paid 1800 since feb and now i owe them £1400. So effectively saying i spent over £3300 since Feb.....i dont use this in a whole year. promised call backs but i end up ringing them , raise a complaint, just waited 32 minutes to answer call and when start explaining conveniently cut me off. Try Octupus

posted by debbiewar | 5 months ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total, Direct Debit Managers
im haveing a nitemare with them right now. Direct Debit cancelled. Sick of chasing my complaint up
Customer service has been diabolical they obviously dont care anymore
And if i was you i would be sueing them.!!!!

posted by Mich1 | 2 months ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total
Hi all ll i hot moved to sp from a company thay went but we had no bill for months amd then a massive bill now i have left amd the final bill is an estimated of 300 for both gas and electric for a final bill i have spoke to several people, i just dont know how they get this when i sent final reading rip of merchants

posted by Jadykaijai | 2 months ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total, Direct Debit Managers

I've not been billed since April!!
I was with Extra Energy and was in credit.
When i started having trouble with sending my meter readings i went online and noticed im £1200+ in debit lol.
DD's have stopped in April to as well so i went on chat and got bloody no where.....
Several debits have been added in the one month sometimes , bumping up the debt.
Never had any trouble with ANY other utility company since i started owning a property in 1996 and so i'm sending all relevant documentation to ," MSE" as soon as i can.
I'm really let down with supposedly a Scottish company, but cant help think there to busy looking after their shareholders, Sad...

posted by Thetwodevils | 2 months ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total

I've  just  had the horendous 12 months with Scottish Power over my gas usage. Please every one take note as this is a total learning curve for me and my family.  We were with SSE but got a better deal  with SP as our contract was ending with SSE so we thought. After the first few months we get a bill of over £400 just for the gas which was almost the usage for the whole of the previous year. I checked the meter and the readings all were correct. Got the British Gas emergency 0800111999 knocking on my neighbours doors to warn them thinking I had a gas leak and to take the kids somewhere safe.

Got all the pipes checked no problems next month gas bill £140  now I now my property and how much we as a family use , so I call SP and start to as questions. I tell them I'm not paying what they are asking , they advise me there is only a limit the can reduce too. I then say I'm not paying that it's too high I don't have the income .I know what I use and spend there is something wrong !!!. 

We agree to reduce to £110 per month ,come two months later my wife says they have take £165  out just for the gas by now this was causing us problems with cash as we are living off savings . So again we contact them and again same resolution but this time we can't afford to put the heating on most of the day ,only when it's too cold it goes on ,we have now brought the bed covers from upstairs to cover ourselves while downstairs.

We went out and bought a calor gas fire so we could heat one room so we could stay warm a little on the budget that we had. We were ecstatic when the winter was over .

So getting to my main point which has got me fuming and would like some advice ,who should take the blame and what should or could be done . I've managed to get my account back into credit with the vast amount of payments Scottish Power have been taken for my gas account and I asked for a full read out from when I started with them . When I get this read out I find that they have been charging me imperial rate gas instead of metric rate .So as you can guess call number 7 to customer support .

How many people are getting billed incorrectly. IF YOU HAVE A SMART METER  your reading are metric it will have the M3 logo on meter of 5 number IMPERIAL is only 4 dials or numbers


posted by PiotrS | A month ago
Over billed, wrong totals, wrong meter readings

Absolute nightmare...

I moved out 6 months ago they were still charging me. Finally received so called final gas and electricity bill, paid and... they are still charging me.

Complain manager "investigated" the case and the answer was that I own them now even more than they initially wanted. Asked for the report and received some incredible figures apparently based on correct credit but still incorrect debit.

I just all history again (not to mention that I summarized everything in 15 minutes when it took them 6 weeks to get back to me with icorrect numbers). In 2 weeks I'm reporting it to ombudsman. Absolutely rubish company.