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Very high bill, wrong total

posted by Sirseb | A year ago
Good evening, my bills are very high considering I spend the most at work, no appliances in the flat apart from washing machine once or twice a week, kettle, 2 showers a day and pretty much all, on top of it taking readings every day as recommended by the customer service to check the average a wrong total came through

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total
Yes it looks as if the calculations are wrong. Tell SP not the Community.

posted by GM | A year ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total
SP is not good in billing. They billed me wrongly in October 2018, even though I've called them they took £807 (January 2019) to much from my account. Yesterday I've received an email telling me I'm entitled to a refund of £14. So despite the fact I'm entitled to a refund, they took an extra £807 from my account. I've asked the CC from SP when they will refund the wrongly taken amount and the refund, they tell me within 14 days. Because they took the extra amount from my account, I'm now in an unarranged overdraft which cost me £5/day. Are they going to refund this as well? I suppose not. Thank you SP!

posted by Redshoes28 | 10 months ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total

Never had problems with the address, but  I'm having now with an amazing bill,just crazy about 80 days of usage is costing me more than a full year. Can't be right 

posted by Redshoes28 | 10 months ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total
Thought they've sorted this overcharging people, but obviously not, and the customer service sometimes it's appalling

posted by LC | 10 months ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total

Scottish Power took over our previous supplier last year, we were not informed until we recently received a bill for Dec to March, almost £2500 !

Around £3 a day usage is at the high end, but £20+ is off the scale for an average family home; that's enough to run several houses on the street!

Had sent up to date meter readings which is half the amount of units from SP's billing, instead of correcting it, it has carried on adding more units of the same scale to the bill, it's almost £3000 now!

posted by Davc | 10 months ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total
It is time to ring them and ask why they have not used your meter reading. Clearly something wrong with your readings and estimates.

posted by brianp | 10 months ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total, Direct Debit Managers

I appreciate my tale of woe is longwinded but when you read this you will cancel your Scottish Power direct debit.

I got a call from my bank to say that there were insufficient funds in my account to cover my direct debits due that day. My set up is simple, I get paid on that day and all my direct debits go out pretty much the same day. I called into my bank branch fearing I had not been paid my wages or I had been a victim of fraud. I was wrong. Scottish Power had cleaned out my bank account completely, the money I had in my account, my months salary and the overdraft facility on my bank account.

The lady in the bank advised me she could pull back the payment, but it was best to speak to Scottish power first which I did. (At this point I would love to name every individual with their employee reference in Scottish power I have encountered since my tale of woe, but a manager within Scottish Power has threatened to sue me should I do so.) The first person I spoke to on the phone eventually acknowledged this was a “system error”. I got the usual call centre scripted apologies. I got very little in way of a resolution, but he would raise a complaint for me. Keep in mind at this point I am effectively penniless thanks to their system error. I demanded to speak to a manager to which the operator went off the phone and returned to tell me they would refund the money the same day and that a manager would call me back within the hour. I told the lady in the bank Scottish Power were sorting the problem and thanked her for her assistance. I then logged on to my Scottish Power account to see if I could make any sense of this system error. At that point of the day my Scottish Power account was in debit a measly £45,035.79. No, I haven’t put decimals in place of commas that figure is more than £45k. Going on my average energy consumption that was more than I had paid for the 3 years previous total. No need to panic I was going to get a call within the hour! All would be explained. I returned to work and lost track of the issue as I had been assured that I was going to be refunded and I was getting a call back.

That evening on returning from work I got another txt from the bank saying another direct debit was being paid without sufficient funds. I checked my balance and low and behold no refund and guess what I didn’t get my return call within the day never mind the hour. I called Scottish Power again and got through to a talented lady who worked for my bank up to a couple of weeks previous. Energy and Banking advice in the one call….how fortunate was I. Round the story again and I was told to get in touch with my bank and recall the payment. This would have been sounder advice earlier in the day. Again, I pressed to speak to a manager and boy did I get one. I can’t name him in my little tale of woe as he threatened to sue me! We battled wits back and forth over the issue. Why has this happened? What exactly was the system error? Why did Scottish Power operator mislead me to believe that I would be refunded by Scottish power when in fact it was my bank had to recall the money? Why did I not get the phone call I was assured I would get within the hour? I will admit my tone was not that pleasant and I threatened to go to the media with my tale of woe but keep in mind I am effectively still penniless thanks to the actions of Scottish Power. This guy was rude, aggressive, defensive and again misleading. My Scottish Power account at this point was in credit by a considerable amount. I asked him to refund me that amount to which he refused and described the credit figure currently showing as a “fictitious figure.” This blew my mind. Are my meter readings and energy consumptions fictitious? Could I pay him a fictitious amount from now on? He obviously apologised for the phrase he used which was incorrect and told me to stop “playing on words”. After some debate he said he would keep the complaint live and that I would get a call the following day between 8am and 10am…. never happened.


I immediately called my bank and they then recalled the payment which is happily sitting in my account right now. I would point out I have been a Scottish Power customer for over 7 years. I am in the process of moving home which I can only imagine has caused the system error. Its been 2 days since Scottish Power cleaned out my account and I have yet to get a call from them. I have done all the chasing. They didn’t even refund me the money my bank recalled it. The experience has left me feeling violated and put my family and I in a vulnerable position. As yet no explanation, no phone call which was promised to me. Take my advice cancel your direct debit payments to Scottish Power now!

posted by Davc | 10 months ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total

Hello Brian, Yours is an awful experience I am sure you have sympathy from everyone in the Community. You should be compensated for such a big mistake.

posted by leah | 7 months ago
Re: Very high bill, wrong total, Direct Debit Managers
Ive not been billed since April. I’m now very frightened of what is coming. Thank you for posting this. Direct debit has been cancelled.