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posted by johnanthony | 4 weeks ago
Re: Warm Home Discount 2020/2021

I took a new approach on Tuesday and used the email link on their website
https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/contact-us  Using the General Query link.

I had a response the same day saying they would be in touch within 5 days.

They called me on Wednesday and said they would send a key Special Delivery that day.

It arrived this morning, so I am impressed that this worked.

I made sure that the emssage I sent had all A/C numbers and details of why I was eligible, I quoted the various responses I had had from the call centre staff and made it clear I was not blaming them at all for the delay.

This may be a worthwhile alternative for any of you who have been trying to call them, good luck.

posted by Rosaline | 3 weeks ago
Re: Warm Home Discount 2020/2021
I got a cheque this morning in place of the WHD. Dont give up folks. Stick to your guns.

posted by Robbie88_ | 2 weeks ago
Re: Warm Home Discount 2020/2021
I still haven’t had my whd and I tried to e-mail them with the link you have in your but I clicked on it and said page not found.
Getting passed from SP to DWP back and forth and getting same answer

posted by johnanthony | 2 weeks ago
Re: Warm Home Discount 2020/2021
I see the link is failing, try typing it in and not using the link, it should hopefully work, although they are a shambles, I can't get into my account as it says my password has changed, I know it hasn't and can't even get a reset email either.

posted by Robbie88_ | A week ago
Re: Warm Home Discount 2020/2021
Shocking SP customer service