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Warm home discount payment

posted by Ash90 | A year ago
Has anyone received there warm home discount who are using smart metres? I have received mine around December the last couple of years but am still waiting this time around. I have also been told by Scottish power this will be supplied in a cheque through the post as I am now using pre-payment smart metres could anyone let me know if this is correct??

posted by Jannie | A year ago
Re: Warm home discount payment

I have been with Scottish power since November last year and have a smart meter which I find useless.  I too have n't received my Warm home discount.  I shall be complaining today

posted by Silky | A year ago
Re: Warm home discount payment
Still waiting for mine. They say all are to be paid by 31st march but this is cutting it fine. Apart from covid 19 running around i have 9 pound on electric and 60 on gas. They won't take 30 from 1 and transfer over as iv asked before. My meter never offers emergency. I can't get through to them. And I have 2 children with additional needs. They did say if it dosent apply they'd give a urn number to manually insert but again can't get through to them....

posted by ElectricBanana | A year ago
Re: Warm home discount payment

Applied in October and have a reference number and email saying it will be paid by 31st March 2020.

Would come in handy right now, usually get a payment by Jan at the latest but its not looking hopeful that it will arrive by Tuesday and no way to contact.

posted by ZarasMummy | A year ago
Re: Warm home discount payment
I am still awaiting mine also. I had a smart meter installed in november, it is useless! Never do my top ups work so I have to stand there and manually enter Urn numbers which is just annoying! This payment is due by 31st but I guess we wont be receiving it. I have literally had enough of no correspondence at all and now not their fault but cannot contact anyone at all!

posted by kars1979 | A year ago
Re: Warm home discount payment
I haven’t received mine either. I applied in Oct and was given a reference number then heard nothing more

posted by Janetwilks | A year ago
Re: Warm home discount payment
I have not received the warm home discount either I applied in September given a reference no and nothing phoned Scottish Power and they said I will get before 31st March

posted by Wannet | A year ago
Re: Warm home discount payment
Has anybody received their warm home discount? I have a card meter. I got it last year and was told I would get it by 31st March but still haven't received it.

posted by jeanpurfield | A year ago
Re: Warm home discount payment
Hi I am still waiting for my warm home discount was told I would receive it by the end of March still not been applied to my account and cannot get into contact with anyone from Scottish Power!

posted by suresh | A year ago
Re: Warm home discount payment

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Thee Director  of Scottish Power, Keith Anderson, blocks  my email when i tell him the Truth about Warm Home Discount!!

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