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Was this Scottish Power?

posted by rogerwest | 4 weeks ago


My dad just got a call from 01916719964 according to my Caller ID.

It was a lady, saying  she was from Scottish Power. The reason I question whether she was actually from SP, is that she didn't know what the initial in my dad's first name stood for. I would have thought that if she was from SP, she would have a computer in front of her with his details on it, that would include his first name.

It was about boiler cover.

He didn't give out any bank details etc.

Can anyone confirm if this is SP or scam please.



Top answer

posted by Davc | 4 weeks ago
Re: Was this Scottish Power?

SP use outside promotional agencies, but like all cold call advertising you should put the phone down on them.

posted by rogerwest | 4 weeks ago
Re: Was this Scottish Power?

Thanks Davc for the information

posted by NIGE | 4 days ago
Re: Was this Scottish Power?

In my experience, Scottish Power play fast and loose with customers' data and will have given this information to third-parties so thy can sell boilr cover and smart meters to SP customers.

I'm about to raise a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office about Scottish Power's refusal to accept my opting  out of any kind of marketing calls.

My advice: Complain to Scottish Power about them giving your data to third parties.