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Web and App not Working

posted by PhilCo | 2 months ago

Is anyone else having trouble with online access - especially when trying to look up usage?

Via a browser it keeps saying, "Back soon, we are currently making some changes to improve your nline experience" - well, doing something would be an improvement.

The (iOS)  App just crashes and says, 'Oh no! Something went wrong !' - well, we know that!!





posted by Davc | 2 months ago
Re: Web and App not Working

A lot of the usage screens are hopeless at the moment, App, IHD, and online account summary. 

Want to know your usage? look at your meter, do it monthly and send in the readings and you will never be caught out by high bills.  A lot of people already do this, but many people never look and then have a shock when they get a £500 bill or their DD is suddenly doubled.   Heating costs are a major item for most households and can easily be sveral £'000 a year so it pays to take an interest.






posted by colinm | 2 months ago
Re: Web and App not Working

My app is same it just goes around and around then says try later.  A metaphor for Brexit?


posted by Jonnel | 2 months ago
Re: Web and App not Working

I've never had a problem, though Scottish Power's website is fairly huge and unweildy, with multiple layers of security. I'm not surprised it struggles to run on smartphones - their meter apps too. I always access SP via my home pc, I don't think I've ever needed to check the website when I was out.