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posted by Disgruntled100 | 6 months ago
Re: Web chat?

Trying to contact Scotish Power is a nightmare. Surely web chat may be the answer. I hung on for hours to get a response then when i did get through the line goes dead! I thought i would try the ring back service. Rubbish again waited 3 hours for a call back was hold another 8 minutes and then cut off. All I want to do is move my business to you - if you make it this hard for a new customer God knows what it will be like when and if I do go Live.

posted by davidedw | 6 months ago
Re: Web chat?

I transferred to Scottish Power via Uswitch on 25 Feb 19. On the same day I received an email from Scottish Power welcoming an requesting that I open an email account.  Other than a message informing me that the account is being set up, I have heard nothing.  That  was three weeks ago! I haven’t even got an account number.  

I have tried to resolve the matter by telephone, only to be left hanging on for almost 30 minutes.

Not impressed with Scottish Power customer service!

dVid Edwards






posted by jeanette | 6 months ago
Re: Web chat?

I keep gettng referred to webchat, but it is unavailable everytime, so annoying, either have it or not

posted by paolo | 6 months ago
Re: Web chat?

How do you even contact Scottish Power?

No phone number, no email, no message facility, no web chat!

Scottish Power, if see this please contact me

posted by Tjrpickersgill | 4 months ago
Re: Web chat?
Due to health issues i find web chat easier to use and not as stressfull as phoning, i would love sp to start using it

posted by Bradley | 4 months ago
Re: Web chat?
Me too, so much easier..

posted by Diamondlady46 | 3 months ago
Re: Web chat?

Iv recently been contacted by phone and email about a smart meter I do not want one of these if I require one in future I will ask you 

posted by Jdareg | 3 months ago
Re: Web chat?
I just want to cancel my account! Why make it so difficult!
If this could be done through web chat I'd be singing your praises.
I've left a flat, moved into a house that already has energy providers set up. Why make it so complicated?

posted by Jonnel | 3 months ago
Re: Web chat?
@Jdareg Because it's always easier and smarter for them to 'follow the money'. Energy suppliers have an unwritten code to follow customers through switching, so as to ensure as much as possible there's a paper trail to track people. They don't like it when people just 'close' an account without opening another, somewhere.

Stick to your guns. If you're paid up, it's really no biggie for them to close an account without opening another.