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posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: Web chat?
You can easily find it by clicking Complaints. Why SP don’t make it more obvious is a deep enigmatic puzzling mystery.

posted by Spindleshanks | A month ago
Re: Web chat?
Hi. Web chat would be incredibly useful, especially as I am trying to update my tariff and you are telling me I can only do it through web chat!

posted by Ulllass | A month ago
Re: Web chat?
Web chat is useless. Last few days been trying hard but get no where csn5 tell me anything. No don't chsngec tariff on Web chat
Do me one did this yo me and got it all wrong I do know they r in India and half thevtome they don't understand English

posted by Crisdb | A month ago
Re: Web chat?
I have the same problem, it’s been two days and no answer at all, just to solve a very easy problem of updating my meters. A really disappointing costumer service.

posted by kanewesley | 3 weeks ago
Re: Web chat?

Get in the 21st century

Provide webchat....or are you still getting to grips with the telephone?????

disgraceful this day and age...."we're thinking about it ".....terrible

posted by Samantha | A week ago
Re: Web chat?
Hi i have been on your pay monthly tariff since 01/02/2020 and had 2 breaks in my electric, i was assured that I would have someone out today to as i had no electric at all and no body has turned up, i have managed to go outside after 5 hours of waiting for you and i think it must be emergency ive put in but my gas is going to run out as so will my electric, i cannot keep having breaks in y supply, where are your engineer, this is the 2nd time I've complained about this

posted by SPatemypayment | 4 days ago
Re: Web chat

I used web chat two years ago when Scottish Power lost my payment. Since I am deaf, I did not want to phone. The live chat then available was the only way I could contact a person who was able to find my payment. I was actually in Credit but I was getting letters from the Customer Service Director threatening to send a debt collection agency and charge me  £27.16 for the pleasure.  Eventually I got four apologies in the space of two days and all was quiet.   Until this week.

First I got an email with the heading they had not got my monthly payment.  No explanatory text in the body at all.   Then today from the tireless Customer service Director Lynda Clayton a letter with the same message and  the same threat of a debt collection agency.  I've checked with the bank and the money has been paid.

This is exactly how it all started in 2018 and its very tiresome.  I want it stopped now, but there doesn't seem to be Web Chat any more.   So what's your suggestion?  By email please, I don't want a phone call which I can't make out.


posted by Davc | 4 days ago
Re: Web chat?
@SPatemypayment Look at the bottom of an SP webpage, there is a link for Complaints, click it and a chat window will open automatically.