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posted by Xixi | 2 years ago
Re: Web chat?

I feel Web chat is extremely useful. I always use it as my first choice to communicate for my query. It’s not only convenient but also can have a chat record which would remind me what advice is and what is agreed. I could also refer the chat for the future conversation. Would strangely suggest ScottishPower to setup this function.

posted by RachelH | 2 years ago
Re: Web chat?

Actually suprised WEBCHAT is not a feature of this website (Could have sworn it was when i first moved almost 5 years ago)
But YES i would love web chat to be a feature. sick of wasting money being on hold for ages with everyone (not just scottish power) and your email akes to long to reply.

posted by Laolu247 | 2 years ago
Re: Web chat?

Please add this feature, it was very useful with my previous supplier except for the price increase :-(

posted by dorisherkhan | 2 years ago
Re: Web chat?

A web chat would be great and save lots of time on small queries.

posted by Emzy28 | 2 years ago
Re: Web chat?

Would be highly beneficial and more efficient if live chat options were made available as customers would'nt need to wait a lengthy time in phone que's often leading to being transferred to different departments when we finally do reach an agent to speak to.  I think customer satisfaction would be greatly increased by introducing a live chat system.


posted by Sirseb | 2 years ago
Re: Web chat?
It would be fantastic as any other valuable company would give extra support and help allowing people to sort things out outside customer service phoneline timing

posted by carrie | 2 years ago
Re: Web chat?

I used webchat a couple of months ago - not great as the rep wasn't fully clued up and it took about an hour to resolve but better than phone calls, as I have a clear record. Now can't find it and contacting Scottish seems to be very difficult.  I don't think the community is a good substitute, I know some people on it work for Scottish, but not all - and they should have people to resolve issues and my problem is not one I can be sorted this way.  So where's the web chat now to deal with my issue?

posted by malcdig | 2 years ago
Re: Web chat?

It was a nightmare trying to contact Scottish Power by phone when my tarif was coming to an end. Three days with no success. Call back service does not work. When I phoned the free phone number at anytime the message experiencing high volumes of calls. When they phoned me back the line just went dead every time. Thankfully on one occasion I noticed live web chat which solved my problem but have not seen it on the website only that one tI me. This would be a great help if it was available 24/7. I have complained to Scottish Power by email but days later still waiting for an explanation.

posted by Equilibrium | 2 years ago
Re: Web chat?

Web Chat is essential for customer support. Frankly im shocked a company such as scottishpower does not provide such a service. I have just moved over my supply and my prevous certainly had webchat which was very useful as you may need to speak to someone at a late hour or simply unable to get through to your phone lines. Also web chat is a form of easier communication and one cannot be misunderstood since your message is clearly in text form. Also this enables both the supplier and customer to have a record of the contact that took place at ease.

There are plenty of advantages, even some very poor service courier companies have webchat, so scottishpower needs to really sort this out as its very poor customer service to not have webchat 24hrs. 

I found this page becuase i was looking to contact you through webchat but that does not seem possible so :-( i will have to try the phones..... Not Happy ! ! !

posted by Bradley | 2 years ago
Re: Web chat?

Webchat is brilliant and so convenient, less time consuming and FREE.

British Gas webchat is very good so ie E-ON ive used them both in the past. Come on SP get with it.