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Web chat?

posted by MrStevenson | A year ago

My fixed price tariff is about to expire. I navigated the dashboard on my account to update it and it continually leads me to a link for webchat. Been trying now for 3 days to have a live online chat, but each time, during normal business hours, a message appears saying that it is unavailable. Anyone else experiencing this? 


posted by Hart87 | A year ago
Re: Web chat?
I can never get the webchat to even load on my phone. Been trying for a week too.

posted by MrStevenson | A year ago
Re: Web chat?
Plenty of good deals that we can access online with competitors if Scottish Power is blocking this. 😉

posted by tm | 5 months ago
Re: Web chat?

after been hanging on for a call centre advisor for 35 minutes gave up and tried web chat. like every other person totally impossible to get to chat to anyone.

posted by mo49 | 4 months ago
Re: Web chat?
50 minutes ! holding on the phone Can a customer service person from scottish power please call me
Acc no is 7880284
Someone must read these complaints surely?

posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: Web chat?
Hi mo49. Sorry nobody from SP will ring you back from the Community.

posted by Rebecca | 4 months ago
Re: Web chat?
Has anyone ever got through to anyone on webchat send about 6 mails not one has been read and I can't phone as lost my voice due to cold and its impossible to chat to someone online

posted by Fiona01 | 4 months ago
Re: Web chat?

Is web chat EVER available?

posted by Simon_Customer | 4 months ago
Re: Web chat?

The web chat is always offline when I've checked.

If you email them they apologise for not being able to help, but ask you to use the web chat.

If you message them on Twitter they ask you to use web chat.

I'm not hanging on the phone waiting for somebody to answer who will then anyway probably ask me to use web chat based on the above!

It's a wonder they even have a web site that functions!

posted by Nadeem | 3 months ago

Please stay away from  scottish power . worst service experience i have ever had with any company . my complaint is 6 months old still not been resolved . miss selling , making up bills , never ring ring back . average waiting times to get through 2 hours . get through it someone who dont know what they are taking about then disconnect you . Contacted the directer who does not bother replying . BE WARNED