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Website Not Working

posted by josefk | 3 months ago

I have been trying to log into the website all evening to enter meter readings. It is not working.

Firstly is is extremely slow. & I mean dial up slow. 

Second half the time you get an HTTP Error 403 message.

Third even if you get in, once you try to enter a meter reading the site logs you out before you can 

Fourth you get a message stating the site can’t be reached.

Fifth you get a message stating you are not authorized to access

It is utterly irredeemably hopeless  The biggest laugh is at the foot of the page before it throws you out is a message stating “all our systems are working normally”.

Well if that’s what you call normal a new IT department is in order. 


posted by whiteowl | 3 months ago
Re: Website Not Working

I too have had problems with the web site. i kept getting, something has gone wrong.I have only now been able to get into my account and the community so i was not able to ask if it was just me. I had updated windows 10 last night and thought it was that because some of my auto sign ins had to be reset. Hope it has now been resolved.

posted by Jonnel | 3 months ago
Re: Website Not Working
Sounds like there was a widespread outage yesterday - on my machine the community page showed no activity for almost a whole day, something I've never seen before. I thought I'd been blocked. Let's hope it wasn't a data hack.

posted by GCG | 3 months ago
Re: Website Not Working

Website is fast enough for info required by SP but hopelessly slow when I attempte to access info eg energy consumption that I need. When I can access energy consumption smart meter info is frequently not available. My general impression is that the Website has insufficient capacity and/or is hopelessly inefficient.


posted by Su1c1dal | A month ago
Re: Website Not Working
**bleep** me! Putting my meter readings in has got me on the edge of suicide. YOUR WEBSITE is **bleep**E !!

posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: Website Not Working

Hello Su1  First meter reading for a new customer?  Telephone it to 0800 027 0072