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What are the Off-peak times on Pay As You Go (Standard Tariff) ?

posted by Clydesdale | A week ago

I'm on PAYG  Standard tariff (key meter) for my electric, and struggling to find out what the off-peak times are on my tariff.
I'm in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Thanks in advance,


posted by DavC1 | A week ago
Re: What are the Off-peak times on Pay As You Go (Standard Tariff) ?

@Clydesdale    Most payg accounts do not have a night rate option. On credit accounts it's possible to register for a two rate tariff like economy 7 that gives cheaper electricity from about midnight to 7 am.   This is mainly used by people with night storage heaters that warm up at night and give out heat in the day. 

posted by mickEnergy | A week ago
Re: What are the Off-peak times on Pay As You Go (Standard Tariff) ?
Hi @Clydesdale Smiley Happy

Firstly, do you have a gas supply to your property for heating/hot water/both? If you do then chances are you don’t have an “off-peak” register on your meter as if you did it would *probably* be surplus to requirements (it would more than likely actually make your energy bills more expensive than they should be).

If you don’t have a gas to the property for heating/hot water/both and instead you have electric heating & hot water (ie night storage heaters and immersion/water tank) then you will have or at least should have a meter with an off-peak register which most commonly would be and Economy 7 meter. This type of meter gives 7 hours of cheaper off-peak energy overnight at which point storage heaters and water tanks use energy to produce heat and hot water which is *stored* within the heaters themselves and the water tank for you use the next day.

Please note that not all electric heaters are storage heaters and not all electric water supplies use overnight heating and again could be detrimental to energy costs with the incorrect meter type.

These are things to look in to and make sure of to ensure you do not unnecessarily overpay for energy as the costs of some heating and water systems can be astronomical and the wrong meter type can increase even those crazy costs even further beyond their already ridiculous levels.

However, that being said, the details above are simply for your own information to possibly help you look in to things should you need to and there is a possibility you don’t even need to care about things like that at all if you have a normal gas central heating system like a combi-boiler.

If you are all electric in your property, or if you do have an economy 7 meter then the off-peak timings for Lanarkshire (which I believe is in Southern Scotland and therefore if so should be in MPAN area 18) give you 7 hours of off-peak energy somewhere between 23:00 - 07:30 (this can vary anywhere within that timeframe so it could be 23:00-06:00 or 00:30 - 07:30 for example - basically the off peak time starts somewhere from 11pm and continues for 7 hours from when they start)

There some instances where it is even more complex with other, more rarely seen complex meter types.

As always, you can always ring Scottish Power to ask what type of meter you have if you aren’t sure. If you feel you do have or should have an economy 7 meter or another type of off-peak meter but Scottish Power advise you haven’t then an engineer could always visit as a last resort to check (remember engineer visits costs money so any way in which we can avoid unnecessary engineer visits as customers help to keep energy costs lower in the long run. That being said of course, your peace of mind should always be the first priority regardless of cost.

Please be absolutely aware though once again that these times I have provided above may not apply to you if you do not have a type of meter with an off-peak register.

Hope this helps.

posted by Clydesdale | A week ago
Re: What are the Off-peak times on Pay As You Go (Standard Tariff) ?

Thank you for the replies.

It  all seems quite complex, looks like I'll need to phone Scottish Power.

My concern about knowing the correct off-peak times is due to my payment meter being blank, as are some others  in my development. Not only can't I put any credit into my meter, I'm also unable to take any readings off it, therefore my concern about getting a nasty surprise xx months down the road. So at the momentI'm being uber cautious in what power I use, I've turned off my heating and hot water (I'm all electric) which is fine now that we're going into the summer.

I've not long moved in, but another resident said that their meter has also been blank since Feb 2020 ! They mentioned it happening  ar the same time the power company were working at the sub-station nearby.


posted by DavC1 | A week ago
Re: What are the Off-peak times on Pay As You Go (Standard Tariff) ?

@Clydesdale    Yes you need to ring 0800 027 0072 and report a faulty PAYG  smart meter.    Do not ignore this situation, it could easily lead to very big bills over time.

It is still doubtful that you have an economy 7 account, so you probably have a single rate tariff.  You could apply to switch to a credit meter with an overnight cheap rate, but if you do not own your property you would have to ask the landlord for permission.