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What can go wrong with smart meters?

posted by Davc | 2 months ago

Most smart meters work correctly, but the Community has highlighted some of the common problems

Installation problems

The meters were not commissioned by the installer.
The installer left no instructions on manually reading meters, specially the gas meter which needs buttons to show a reading.
The installation is recent and is not yet active on the SP system.

Your smart meter from another supplier does not transmit to SP, it needs manual readings until all meters are switched to work with any supplier, probably during 2019.

Operating problems
The gas meter is too far away from the electric meter which does all the transmissions.
Transmision is set to monthly when it should be daily or half hourly.
There is only a weak or intermittent mobile phone signal.
You have Economy 7 and it is recording a single rate only.
You have Solar Power and your bills have become very high.
You live in flats where all the meters are in a downstairs central location.
Your IHD is not working, this is actually not a problem and it does not prevent transmissions.
You think your IHD is a smart meter, it is only a display for your information within your property.
Your IHD is not working, the installer did not commission it by pairing it to the meters.

Your IHD is showing weird costs, this depends on how it is set up, it is definitely not your bill and has no influence on what you pay.

So if your problem is in one of these examples you know it has happened elsewhere, maybe others can comment.

Again, most installations work well, there are over 13 million now.




posted by Suzie | 2 months ago
Re: What can go wrong with smart meters?
My smart meter did work for a couple of weeks.-or rather the monitor did. I've reloaded it, I've carried it close to the meter so they can 'talk' to one another and reloaded so many times I'm losing the will to live! There seems no way to report a fault.
Any suggestions how to get it to work again, would be appreciated.

posted by Davc | 2 months ago
Re: What can go wrong with smart meters?

Hi This is a common problem, I think it started after SP installed a firmware upgrade to solve a different problem but it has disabled many IHDs. Hold tight and hope for another firmware release.

posted by markielincs | 2 months ago
Re: What can go wrong with smart meters?

My IHD worked for first month and then would only record Gas consumption,   This was early December,   I read that software update had caused problem.   Last week it suddenly started recording all consumption again so I guessed they fixed the glitch.