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What is Control Usage?

posted by alowe | 3 months ago



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posted by Davc | 3 months ago
Re: What is Control Usage?

@alowe   You have a Comfort Plus system, which is fairly unique to SP. The storage heaters get an extra boost when the weather conditions are cold in the day, this is the third rate shown as Control after day and night.

You can read a lot about it by putting 'Comfort Plus' in the Community help search at the top of this page.

People often try to switch away from comfort plus to a conventional Economy 7 tariff, but it seems that the system is usually hard wired and cannot be changed without an electrician.

In favour of comfort plus it gives cheaper electricity than a standard single rate system and many people find it economical.

posted by alowe | 3 months ago
Re: What is Control Usage?
Ah yes, that makes sense, thanks. I was just calculating how much I spend on heating in the winter and discovered that it roughly equals my total electricity expenditure for the rest of the year. This calc was based on actual expenditure, not usage. So, it makes sense that the control usage in that image is slightly over the rest of the usage for the year.