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What to call things. Makes you Smile

posted by Davc | 12 months ago
A meter measures fuel, it is either standard or smart and probably under the stairs or outside.

A smart display unit or IHD is a small hand held gadget that acts like a monitor screen. It is not a smart meter.
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posted by Davc | 12 months ago
Re: What to call things. Makes you Smile
@Davc. A metre is a measure of length, nothing to do with a meter.

Gas readings are sent in cubic metres. Written m3 or cu m

Electric readings are sent in kilowatt hours. Written kWh.

If you are lucky the Display unit will show your meter readings.

Direct Debits on fixed contracts can easily change, it depends on your meter readings.

Meter readers do not call, it is up to us customers to send in readings.

Smart meters need a manual reading if they do not send readings, they all need their buttons to be pressed. We all need to send regular meter readings.

That covers 90% of all the problems on this forum.

So please don’t ask the same questions again haha