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posted by ShrimperOne | 7 days ago
Re: Where is my refund?

It looks like I am entitled to £600 plus. When will this be transferred to my bank a/c?

Just for your information, I have recently been billed for an  Entice debt (£250), plus the admin  fees of the debt collector (MENZIES of Cardiff, postcode CF10 5SF,) Allegedly, you have contracted MENZIES to obtain funds from ex -Entice customers. If this is true you should have lt least communicated this to me much earlier this year.

MENZIES first approached me in January 2022, but being an ex-senior auditor for Ford Motor Co.,, I thought I was only going to be dealing with yourself, not MENZIES. (who could have been a criminal activity!)

I shut them up by sending £250 via my bank to theiir online bank account on 15th March 2022, This was £12.94 short, so if they was an illegal operation, they would not follow up for the small outstanding amount.

Next time you have such a similar situation, I suggest you contact the customer by phone, if no finance action by the customer on his/her on-line account, Especially for OAPs!!!

Your disappointed, ex-customer,

Richard Maddock - approaching 76,  O.A.P.



posted by DavC1 | 7 days ago
Re: Where is my refund?

@ShrimperOne   Sorry for all your problems, but don't blame SP. If the receivers of Entice chased you for a debt that has nothing to do with Scottish Power.    When failed energy companies have customers transferred to another supplier, the auditors of the failed company will try to collect any debts, and any credit amounts that cannot be recovered will be guaranteed by Ofgem (and paid for as a general levy on all UK customers.)  

posted by ShrimperOne | 6 days ago
Re: Where is my refund?

Again, when will I expect a refund of £600+ in my Scottish Power a/c, as I have switched to a rival supplier in July 2022, Thankyou,

Richard. Maddock - State Pensioner

Tel. 01268 778348

posted by DavC1 | 6 days ago
Re: Where is my refund?

@ShrimperOne Hi again, SP are slow in paying out money, you have to keep reminding them. They do not read this Community and we are all customers here so we don't know anything about your account or any payments due.   Ask customer services.

posted by ShrimperOne | 6 days ago
Re: Where is my refund?
I have contacted customer services about my £600+ in my a/c , and that I have had enough of SP's methods, so trying my luck with a new Energy Provider (Octopus Energy), and saving £83/month.

posted by ShrimperOne | 5 days ago
Re: Where is my refund?
When is my closing account balance in my favour by £500 plus, to be transferred to my bank a/c?, as I am now in the hands of Octopus Energy. I was hoping it had been done now, as I had to pay today Barratt Smith & Brown (debt collectors for ENTICE Energy) £262.94p for old energy and costs. Thankyou, Richard Maddock

posted by DavC1 | 5 days ago
Re: Where is my refund?

@ShrimperOne   Hello Richard.  I thought I had explained, I am a Scottish Power customer so I know nothing about the refund of your account.  You must ask customer services.  By the way congratulations on being accepted by Octopus they are a pleasure to deal with and by far the best energy supplier available.       This Community forum is only used by customers and Scottish Power take no notice of it.