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Where is my refund? !

posted by Donfor | A year ago

Since my sp online request last Sunday.

I did receive an e-mail Last Sunday evening.

e-mail suggest I would see refund in my account 3-5 working days.

I mad a call to sp cus last Friday-was then advised 10-14 days.

can sp clarify is the information via e-mail correct 3-5 days

or is sp cus correct 10-14 days.

Either way its been a full 6 working days and I haven’t yet received this refund.


Top answer

posted by  Eilidh | A year ago
Re: Where is my refund? !

Hi @Donfor,  your refund is due to be deposited into your bank  account today so apologies for this.   The email information you received was correct your direct debit refund should have taken 3-5 working days to be deposited into your bank account.  Unfortunately in this case, there was a delay in your refund being authorised due to a backlog of requests which caused the delay in the refund being deposited to your account.


posted by Donfor | A year ago
Re: Where is my refund? !
Thanks sp
My refund was indeed in bank acc this morning.
Nice to know email info was correct maybe a we team brief for csr,s
No harm thanks for the correct info

posted by refundeclined | A year ago
Re: Where is my refund? !

I phoned twice about my refund, each time was told it will be arranged and will take up to 14 days. Phoned today to chase it up and was told it was declined, because I changed banks in the last 60 days. To my question why that matters to refund me, the answer was exactly the same. I am not happy with this company.

posted by richardson19842 | A year ago
Re: Where is my refund? !
Please can someone confirm that my refund has been processed? I received an email saying this would take 3/5 working days. I have tried to find the message option online but cannot seem to find it!

posted by generaloneill | A year ago
Re: Where is my refund? !

ive been waiting  a week and was supposed to get a refund yesterday.

posted by mandy10 | A year ago
Re: Where is my refund? !

I’m in the exact same boat no money has been put into my account 

posted by Toffee123 | A year ago
Re: Where is my refund? !


My account is in credit, but I cannot work out howto request a refund on line. Nor can I find an email address.


Can anyone help please?




posted by Sandiej | A year ago
Re: Where is my refund? !

I requested a refund last week and received a message to say the money would be in my account no later than thge 18th December. It's not there so can someone help please. I would like the email address for whom  I need to contact about this.

posted by  Eilidh | A year ago
Re: Where is my refund? !

hi @Toffee123, you can request a refund within your online account by following this link https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/refund